I was eating my cookie ice cream when I looked over to Jett. He looked deep in thought. His eyebrows scrunched up together and a hand on his chin. But I never expected the next question.

"How did your  mom die?" he asked hesitantly.

Dread filled me from head to toe as I remembered the screams and flashing lights.

"I killed her." I said trying to hold back my tears.

I looked away from Jett. I knew I would see disgust and hatred in his eye. That's what everyone in my old town would look at me. No one would want to get close to me ever since that day.

I felt a hand on my chin forcing me to look up. I saw Jett and was surprised and relieved that he didn't show any signs of disgust nor pity. The only emotion I saw was concern.

"Four years ago I would hang out with high school students. They were really bad influence but I was popular and I knew that if I hung out with them it would make me even more than I already was. I started wearing more revealing clothes and going to parties. Ace would go with me just keep an eye on me. He didn't like my friends at all but wouldn't tell me anything. He was just like my shadow."

"When I started my freshmen year, it only got worse. I started drinking and was tempted to do drugs. I didn't know my high school considered me easy. I just thought that they saw me as cool. One day I sneaked out without my brother but still left him a note. I didn't want him to worry. I got so wasted you can't even imagine. I was kissing this one guy and one thing let to another that I ended up in only my undergarments. I was scared but didn't stop him because I didn't want them to call me a baby." I sighed and looked at my hands ashamed.

"My brother came in just in time and got me out. I fought him, told him not to embarrass me. Then I saw my mom and got even angrier. The whole way there I was arguing with her and I distracted her. She didn't see the truck coming towards us. Worst of all it had a load of gasoline. It crashed with us hitting my side. People would get knocked out with the pain. But I was awake the whole . I saw my mom dragging my brother then she came back to and tried the same but a piece of the car fell on her leaving her immobile. I tried taking her out but she said no to call 911 and check on my brother because he was really bad. " I felt my salty tears rolling down my cheeks and hands were shaky.

"She told me she loved me and to take care of my daddy and brothers. To be a good girl from now on. I told her I loved her and that we were gonna get out of this and remember it one day. She just smiled at me sadly then there was an explosion."

I was sobbing uncontrollably by now. I felt a pair of arms around me and I buried my face into Jett's chest. My mother died and it was all my fault. She died because of me. If I hadn't gone to that stupid party she would be with us right now.

Mommy I miss you.

After ten minutes of holding and crying I finally stopped. Many people had already come and asked if I was ok. I had to stop now.

"Rosery. It wasn't your fault." said Jett.

"Yes it was. If I hadn't gone to party she would still be alive. I killed her." I said.

"No you didn't. You have to let go. Everything happens for a reason." said Jett.

I looked up at him and sighed. We finished our ice cream and then went to my house. We were watching TV when I heard a knock.

"Did you hear that?" I said breaking the silence.

"What?" asked Jett

I heard the knock again and got up.

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