First Things First

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Hello Readers!

So this is my first fanfic I hope to keep on writing for a while. I just saw the movie and am now starting to read the book. Before starting the entire thing, I want to get some things out of the way.

The two main characters are Lucas Greede and Mark Adams. Both of these lovely lads are orphans around 16 years of age that live together to get by in life, whom live in California of the United States. They want to become travelers around the world to see the places they heard about in stories in the home they lived in as children.

Mark is 16, has brown hair, brown eyes, somewhat tanner skin, semi-tall, around let's say 5'8. And his normal attire includes a hoodie and skinny fit jeans with black vans.

Luke is 17, has black, short hair, blue eyes, a lighter complexion, 5'9. He will normally be wearing, his Captain America jacket, black jeans, and blue converse.

The boys are going to have pieces of my own personality. Which also means that they will make the same decisions I would make if the choice were up to me. But this may change later on if I choose to make the story more interactive and ask questions on where the story should move next.

There will be some gay aspects to this story that will involve one or both of the main characters, I'll decide as I go along. So if you don't enjoy same sex relationships in the stories you read. Be aware what is in this.

This is set a little bit before Jake goes to the island, so he will be in this story eventually as well. But isn't the main character.

I will most likely not write any smut in this if the time arises and things get hot n' heavy between some characters. Although if you would like some to appear, by all means message me about it and write it yourself and it may appear in the story.

Understand that I only have watched the movie, so the looks of the characters will be the people that appear in the film. And most likely the story line/plot will be based off the movie as well.

There is no set up schedule for when this story will be updated, mainly for the fact that I am 15 in high school. But I do hope to get this updated semi frequently.

Disclaimer: All characters I do not blatantly say are original (as of now only being Mark and Lucas) were made my Ransom Riggs in his books series Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

Other than these little things, I hope you enjoy the story when the first chapter is released. I may not know you but love you.


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