I'm Completely Normal

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Unedited, I'm sorry for this crappy unedited story. Read at your own risk.


Nichole Storm Nichole Storm woke up with an odd feeling in her gut, something felt off, then again her life had been far from normal. There were screaming sirens, those noises were common when you live by a busy highway. But instead of growing fainter the sirens grew louder until they stopped in front of Nichole's house and shut off. Adrenaline now cursing through her veins she swung her legs to the side of the bed, slowly setting her feet onto the cold wooden floor. Her heart thumped wildly as she padded down the stairs. Passing the kitchen, and then entering the hall the hall on silent feet. A pounding at the front door made her flinch in surprise, they're at the door? Nichole froze, why would the police be at her house and at this time in the morning? The pounding increased.

"This is the police, open up!" A man's voice yelled through the door. Nichole forced herself to walk calmly towards the door, when she reached it she slowly unlocked the latch and turned the handle. Years of training screamed t her as she opened the door half an inch.

"Hello?" She peeked out at two men or should she say police men. One man was large and he looked like a bull, Nichole analyzed him. Middle aged man, strong and trained. Nichole's eyes rested on the other man he looked abnormally young at least three years older than her which would make him about 22. His build was athletic, strong, they both could do good damage.

"I'm Sergeant Korneli this is Detective Widenski, open the door little miss." The larger man said. Nichole turned her head to look over her shoulder, it's funny, she thought, my parents are light sleepers they'd be awake by now. Nichole looked back at the men then started to close the door.

"Let me get my parents." she said. Sergeant Korneli's hand dropped on the door, forcing it open. Nichole looked up into the face of the large policeman and he stared back unblinking with a stern and fatherly expression that made Nichole want to both trust him and break his nose.

"We'll come with you." Sergeant Korneli rumbled. Nichole opened the door so they could come in, the hairs on the back of her neck standing. Sergeant Korneli towered over her, she could tell what he was thinking. She was small and wiry not very close to an opponent or even a minor threat. Nichole lead the men up the stairs towards her foster parent's bedroom, her gut was twisting itself into knots.

Nichole reached to open the door but Sergeant Korneli barged in front of her and opened the door. A person was leaning over the bed of Nichole's foster parents. She smashed the light switch on and charged at the unfamiliar man. She battered her head to his stomach like a battering ram, driving the wind out of him. Nichole tried to detach herself to get to her foster parents but he regained his composure and grabbed her arm so tight enough to leave a bruise.

Terror filled her eyes when she felt the tip of a knife meet the skin of her neck. Nichole knew how to get out of the grip but she let him think she was helpless. It always worked, and his grip softened just a little, it was enough for Nichole and she pushed her hands down and hips back at the same time. Nichole was released from his grip. He held his hands in the air and she slowly lowered her guard.

Big mistake. Something shattered the window a sharp pain hit Nichole's leg. With a cry of pain she dropped to the ground and covered her head as more more gun shots rattled the house. She heard stumbling around then a booted foot kicked her in the head. Things went fuzzy, she hears the muffled sounds of guns being fired. People were shouting. Then she blacked out.

"Miss, miss..." there was a pause, "miss wake up." Nichole slowly opened her eyes she was downstairs on the sofa. Cool hands brushed her hair from her forehead prodding around for the tender spots.

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