To Be Honest

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To be honest we knew sooner or later Camila was going to leave I mean she does have two songs out buy herself and is mostly almost left out of the snapchats and never really has the girls in her's so it was bound to happen.

But I guess Camila say she was gonna Zayn for real this time and the fact that this is all happening after Lauren and her 4 incidents/events I mean come on.

1. Laucy kiss
2.Coming out as Bi
3.Back To Me release
4.Weed Possession

She either feels that it's too much and Lauren's everywhere, or

She feels the attention is coming off of her from her previous acts.

But that's just me I'm just making reasons I can rap my head around but this has officially became another One Direction accident.

But she has grown and made her own decisions and we will continue to support her through her journey and I will be continuing this book.

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