1. Tomoe and Ryuusuke

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"Hot, it's too hot" Tomoe Ando thinks, as she lays in her bed, clad in only her underwear and bra. She tries her best to turn to look at her brother, Ryuusuke Toyotomi sleeps peacefully next to her, "He's so cute" she says to herself, she let's out a yelp as she felt his arm wrap around her waist, Tomoe felt flustered, it was even worse when she felt Ryuusuke's lips make contact with the base of her neck, "Count to ten, Count to ten, Count to ten, Count to ten. One, two, three, foUR" she became to squirm when he began sucking on the nape. "Five, SiX, SevEN" Tomoe kept counting, taking deep breaths until, "Wake up dammit! Both of you!" Their mother, Kenta Toyotomi, yells slamming the bedroom door open, Tomoe quickly gets up, Ryuusuke on the other hand...took his time, Kenta took off her slipper and threw it at Ryuusuke "Faster dammit!" Ryuusuke stood up "Tired..." he muttered as he handed Kenta back her slipper, Kenta snatches it back "Both of you hurry up and get dressed before your breakfast gets cold" Kenta says cooly this time, the two nod before Kenta walks away.

The two were currently getting dressed, ready for their big move to America, Kenta said a few months ago that they would move due to confidential reasons, whatever the reason was the two were kinda glad, because here in Nakamura ward, Nagoya things were getting boring, and annoying. Ryuusuke was constantly being chased by girls and Tomoe was constantly chasing girls......with a practice sword, it's been like this for years, much to their annoyance, so they were glad that Kenta has said they were moving, Tomoe was kinda sad as she thought it meant leaving her only friend Miyuki behind, but strangely enough Miyuki was moving to America too. It was really strange that Miyuki would also be moving to the same neighborhood, on the same day and for the same reason but it didn't matter, she'd still have her best friend. Although they were moving they still had to go to school, one last time, holding Ryuusuke's hand, the two walk to school.

"Summer is beautiful" Ryuusuke states simply as they walk, Tomoe hums in agreement, she smiles at this simple bonding bliss, that will soon be ruined "Look it Ryuu-chan!" All of a sudden the usual group of admiring girls follow him making the usual comments, trying to get his attention, "Back off! He doesn't like any of you!" Tomoe snaps at them, letting go of Ryuusuke's hand "Shut up no boobs, he probably doesn't like you either!" A girl from the group shouts back, Tomoe reaches underneath her sailor blouse and pulls out a pocket knife "Watch yourself, you bitch!" Tomoe shrieks, the group of girls began to act antsy, then Tomoe struck slashing at a girl's skirt, the group screams. "Shut up! I hate it when girls are hysterical!" Ryuusuke yells, Tomoe suddenly stops what she was doing, putting the knife away and turning to him a sweet smile on her face "Okay~!" She says, clinging onto his arm. Ryuusuke sighs and continues walking, Tomoe turns to face the girls and mouths "I'll kill you later" before walking off with her brother, "What's so special about her?" The siblings heard "You don't know? Her mom is the dead mangaka Oka Ando" the gaggle of girls gasp, make gagging noises and such "I can't believe her mom actually wrote stuff like that!" The girls continued talking as they made their way to school.

Tomoe looked down at her chest "Is 16B too small?" She asked, she blushed when Ryuusuke grabbed her chest "Perfect size for me. Smaller breast is easier to hold" he says simply as they walked in front of their school, "Good morning Tomoe~!" Her friend Miyuki called. Compared to Tomoe, Miyuki-senshu has shoulder length wavy sun-kissed hair tied in a neatly put ponytail, a deep tan and light brown eyes that were full of life and carefree, Tomoe on the other hand had wild hair that her class nicknamed as either "Lion hair" or "Sonic hair" that was a mediocre brown, a light tan and brown eyes that showed she was tired from training super late and ready to kill anyone that bothered her. "See you later" Ryuusuke said simply as he left for his class, "Bye Kaikai" Tomoe said waving to her brother, she made a heart with her hand, even though his back was turned he did one in return, Tomoe felt her cheeks become warm, until she felt a strong tug on her arm "Let's go Tomoe!" Miyuki insisted "Alright! Alright!" Tomoe said stealing on last glance at Ryuusuke before going to class.

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