Can We Make It Like It Was?

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I was so shocked to see ace was standing behind me in all honesty he was the last person I expected to see right now

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I was so shocked to see ace was standing behind me in all honesty he was the last person I expected to see right now. I couldn't even front though I was happy to see him, lord knows these few days felt like months without him. I didn't know what his intentions were I just hoped they were sincere because I was over this whole argument thing really. I just wanted us to be in a good space because before we even started dating we were really good friends I think that's what hurt me the most. I love ace and I don't ever want us to get to the point to where were no longer speaking, I rather us to still be friends even if he doesn't work between us.

''Ace.''I said with a slight smile on my face.

''In the flesh baby congratulations.''He said returning the smile and handing me the flowers.

I was still at a lost for words really, his presence really had me speechless and when he called me baby my insides began to tingle . Ace was always a gentleman and to see he came to support me really meant a lot to me.

''Thank you Ace.''I said taking the flowers from him and just staring at him. He looked so good right now.

''I'm still waiting on my hug.''he said with a serious face I just laughed and decided to give him one. When our bodies met I didn't want to let go at all. His hands were placed right above my ass while I closed my eyes. God, I missed his sweet touch so much, I embraced his scent which made me smile for some reason. I took a deep breath as he held me even tighter until I finally decided to pull away.

''Come outside with me.''he said motioning his head to the door as I nodded and followed him.

We were now in the front of my store and I was waiting to see what he would say.

''So how you been?''Ace said looking into my eyes.

I wasn't gone even lie to him either, I mean for what? I'm not doing good at all. Shit I haven't been doing good every since that day we got into it.

''Not good Ace.''I said rolling my eyes. I mean what kinda question was that? At this point I found myself getting mad all over again and ace was taking to long to apologize for his actions. The flowers were nice, but an apology should've been the FIRST thing to come out of his mouth.

He took a deep breath ''Yeah , I know I'm the cause of that and I'm sorry for that.''

I shook my head at him. ''Are you really? Because it seems to me that your doing just fine going out to clubs and all. Yeah that's right I know.''I said with a mugging the shit outta him.

''So T took me out he was just Trynna be there for me nothing happened Alexis. I came here to apologize to you baby and you making this harder then what it has to be. I've been feeling a certain type of way too , you don't know how I was behind close doors.''He said while I looked at him funny.

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