Chapter 14 - The Bigger They Are...

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The palace was filled with muted scuttles after that and as I sat in the confines of my room I wondered how three people could make so much noise. Especially when one of those three beings was Lucille who moved with the silence of death itself. Ironically enough, in that moment Death himself was stomping around like he was mushing bugs with every step.

I sighed falling back onto the soft furs of my bed. Adrian ordered me out of the way as soon as he announced Enzo's declaration. He had even enchanted my door so that heavy, wooden planks refused to budge a single inch to grant me my freedom.

Of course he promised he would return to check on me and assure I was comfortable but five hours of only my own thoughts for company begged to differ on those empty words.

"Kora?" Adrian's soft voiced coaxed me from the other side of my prison as the bars to my cage gently swayed on their hinges to let my captor through.

"Now I'm suddenly a priority?" I pouted, pursing my lips. Part of me knew I was being childish but the other part of me was pissed about being put in time out. I was not a toddler.

"You're always my priority, Love." He purred. Pressing a silky kiss on my forehead as he sat loftily on the bed beside me.

"It doesn't feel that way." I groaned.

"How could you not feel that way?" Adrian asked mystified. "I've been working for hours trying to secure your safety." He said and his honey voice was tinged with ice. As if my being upset genuinely wounded him.

"Yeah, and you let your estranged brother whom you've only just reconciled with be your right hand all the while I'm locked up here like some helpless damsel when the very reason you brought me here was to be trained to be some kick ass, repo women for you so you didn't have to get your godly hands dirty with your own affairs." I hissed, fury tinging my words.

"Kora, that was before-" He began.

I cut him off right there. "Before we slept together? You don't get to treat me like I'm helpless just because you suddenly have these deep feelings for me. I'm plenty capable of taking care of myself and helping you not get yourself and everyone else with you killed and if you really cared as much as you're putting on then you wouldn't put me in the corner like this." I protested.

"Kora, I am not going to risk your life. You're not immortal, as of right now you're untrained and powerless. Defenseless to the monsters coming to hunt us down. You helping is no help at all rather it would be a suicide mission, you simply can't act with us. I don't have the time I need to train you now and-"

"And he really has to focus on other things. Like his security." A familiar voice purred from the doorway.

Adrian's head snapped immediately to the source of the sound.

"Enzo, how-" Adrian began.

"Oh, that can be answered quite simply brother. It seems Seth wasn't as earnest with you as he may have seemed. Appears our dearest brother will always be as unpredictable as the waters he governs."

"Seth?" Adrian's voice was a wince.

I winced myself as I watched shock and betrayal dance across Adrian's beautiful face. A black parade of emotions wringing his perfect features into instant disbelief and regret.

"You're lying. Seth has changed." Adrian barked at Enzo. Rising to his feet, he sauntered toward Enzo's lithe frame with deadly intent but froze as Seth entered the room swiftly. Stopping only when he stood in front of Enzo, a fortress wall between Adrian and his prey. "So it's true?" Adrian asked, but his expression clearly revealed he knew exactly which side Seth was on. "But why? Why warn me? Why the games?" Adrian's face was a mask of confusion.

"Seriously, A?" Seth's baritone voice let out a booming chuckle. "Just like you to have your head so far up your own arse or rather hers-" He mocked, sending a long glance in my direction that turned my stomach and made Adrian physically step toward me to block Seth's line of vision from my frame. "-that you are once again blind to anyone's suffering but your own. You can't even suspect why for once you would be the bad guy here and not me. You blamed me for your separation from Steph when you never even loved her. You knew I loved her and you wed her anyway and when you had finally cast her aside one too many times I got my chance to finally be with her. The woman of my dreams but even after you were finally threw with her she was still too consumed by you to have me. Me who loved her, who still loves her, while all you do is skulk around your perfect, little palace with your new pet." Seth spat the words at Adrian.

There was no response. Adrian crossed the room too quickly for the mortal eye to track and in an instant his elegant fingers were drenched in a thick, palpable darkness. His perfect fingers transformed into deadly blades of unearthly shadow positioned at Seth's neck.

"She told me you slept together at Enzo's party. It wasn't enough to make a fool of our brother. To rally his own friends against him. You want so badly to be God King but that wasn't enough, no. You had to sink your claws into her all over again as well. Your ambitions destroy everyone and you only care for yourself." Seth hissed. Hatred filling his stunning eyes.

"You're a fool. You have always been and so you will always be. Enzo and that whore "queen" have been playing you like a pawn in a set game of chess and you are none the wiser. You or his "friends". He will be the downfall of you all. He is no "leader"." Adrian growled. "But you are too stupid to ever know as much. If I did not love you, if I could not help but love you, you daft imbecile, then I would cut you down right here and let your blood wash away your pitiful existence but I can't, brother." There was a plead in Adrian's eyes. Some dark sadness that willed Seth to come to the stark realization that lay before him.

"Why would Enzo lie? Why would Steph? They love me, there the only ones who really love me." Seth demanded, his words audible anguish.

"To cover up the obvious." Adrian said and his voice was empathy embodied.

Seth turned on his heels so quickly Adrian barely had time to retract his dark claws for risk of shredding Seth.

"You and--" Seth voice was beyond shock. He was completely incredulous at his realization. "This whole time. How could you, brother?" Agony peeked every inflection seeping from Seth's lips.

"You are no brother of mine. You are a fool. Adrian has always been so perceptive. I thought for once you might actually be useful but it seems our dearest dark lord is but right again." Enzo said, his voice vocal treachery.

Seth lunged forward to attack Enzo just as his sea of troops began to pour in behind him. A plethora of Gods and Goddesses so immense their number was incalculable. Adrian quickly grabbed him from behind, pulling him back from his reckless attack, but too late for as Seth's body propelled forward so did Enzo's only no one held back the God King as he summoned blades of molten electricity that tapered his fingers perfectly. The glaring knives of energy sunk deeply into Seth's chest and his massive form went limp in Adrian's arms. They both sunk to the floor as Seth's blood like liquid gold flooded the tiles.

"Only your blood, every last drop, could wash away your foolishness because dying will be the only remotely useful feat you ever accomplish. Now you'll finally be out of everyone's way." Enzo's laughter so dark and wicked that it starkly contrasted his seemingly warm and handsome appearance filled the empty spaces in the room. 

For the first time Adrian truly appeared dead. His usual liveliness fled his body and his once radiant features were gaunt and sallow. Shrouded in the deepest of darkness. Enzo was still speaking but the world was mute now. Adrian seemed to be somewhere else, someplace cold and unreachable as if his life seeped away as quickly as Seth's. I could see the light dimming in his icy, blue eyes when the feel of something uncomfortably warm enveloped me. Only I couldn't wrestle myself free from my haunted Adrian long enough to care what ensnared me. I was already entangled in my god.

There was blinding light then the familiar feel of disappearing into thin air. Only then did I realize what was happening but it was too late. My transporter was not my familiar, radiant god but the villain I had just watch destroy him instead. Enzo smiled at me and as I tried to turn away from him I could only make out Adrian still in a pile on the floor. Holding Seth even though he had faded away and his murderer whisked me away to an uncertain fate.

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