Chapter Fifteen» Unexpected Visitor

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A heavy silence fell on us. Lingering in each corner. Deafening our thoughts. I could feel my body tensing slightly, hearing Ammar's word ring loudly in my ears. As his large form remained on the sofa. His eyes closed tightly.

Aazeen, you'll be my downfall

It was as though someone had smacked me across the face. Seeing his face twisting in pain, his eyes closed tightly. A wavering feeling dawned on me, seeing his form move. Yearning for warmth. Standing up slowly, I placed the blanket on his form. Seeing it relax slightly, his hair sprawled on the sofa, and his large physique barely fitting against it.

Swallowing down my dry throat. I reached forward, my hands shaky. Feeling utter shame overwhelm me. How could I be so heartless? Too consumed in my pain, I didn't see the condition he was in. What kind of a person am I? I whispered, utterly daunted at my actions.  Reaching towards his forehead, I could feel it burning it up. Making me work on natural instinct.

"Ammar. Ammar, can you hear me? " I spoke softly, shaking his shoulders lightly. In hopes of getting his attention as he mumbled something incoherently. Closing his eyes tightly, unable to speak. Swallowing down my dry throat. My shaky hands reached towards his socks, pulling it down.

Too much heat wasn't good for him. It could worsen his state. I thought putting them to side, before standing up. My figure towering his laying one. Panic filled me, unsure on what to do or whom to contact.

I was in an unfamiliar country, with no relatives. No way to get in contact with anyone.

In that moment,  a daunting realisation hit me hard. Knocking my sense. Glancing at Ammar's large from on the sofa,  I could feel my stomach twisting. My breathing halting.

He was the only one I had, here.

Stalking towards him. I sat beside him, my body at the end of the sofa, as he opened his eyes slowly. Looking at me through his heavy lids.

" Why are you doing this? " he spoke, dazed making me tense. My breathing shaky. Inhaling softly, my shaky hands reached towards his hair, feeling my fingers brush against them. Seeing him close his eyes in contact. A low whisper in Arabic escaping his lips.

"B-Because, it's my responsibility to look after you as well" I whispered softly, knowing he hadn't heard me properly. As he hummed slowly. His eyes closing again.

"Go to sleep Aazeen " he spoke roughly. His eyes barely opening making me nod, sleep slowly consuming me. The last thing I heard was Ammar whispering in Arabic as I closed my eyes. Allowing sleep to consume me.

I didn't know what woke me up. Was it the bright light, shining on my face, or the heavy weight on me. Nearly crushing me. Opening my heavy lids, I could feel my eyes travel around me. Feeling them widen like a saucer.

A peaceful looking Ammar lay on my lap, snuggled, his black hair was sprawled on my knees and his hands around my waist. Feeling self conscious,  I moved away slowly. Praying I don't wake him.

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