The last dragon book one: the boy with a mind of fantasy.

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"Alex" can you come downstairs for a moment please " a woman's voice could be heard yelling throughout the house, a boy was up in his room playing with his toy sword and shield. The door opened"hey didn't you hear me " the woman said "oh sorry mom I was just daydreaming again " the boy said with a smile "you sure do that a lot" the woman said kneeling in front of the boy, "hey momma do you think dragons are real" the boy asked helmet falling in front of his face "I don't know sweetie , but I think if you believe in something enough it will become true." She said lifting the helmet off her son. The boy smiled and hugged his mom "now get your stuff ready you will be late for school, " can I bring my dragon with me today momma " the boy asked holding out the stuffed dragon "as long as you don't get in trouble with it" she smiled and walked out the door,"now hurry and get your stuff ready" she said closing the door.

Alex rushed to find his clothes and backpack, he scrambled to put everything on and ran downstairs dragon in hand, "are you ready"  mom asked, Alex nodded and held his mom's hand as they walked to the car, it was a couple miles to the Alex's school so it took them awhile but Alex didn't care he loved watching the trees go by imaging that he was off running through them on horse back sword and shield holstered to his back bow drawn hunting deer, Alex got so lost in daydreaming that he didn't notice the car stop he looked up and frowned "aww were here already " he said glumly his mother smiled and kissed his forehead "have a good day sweetheart and don't forget to pay attention in class" she said Alex however was already out of the car waving goodbye.

Alex hated and loved school he loved it because of all the books and his best friend was here he hated it because of.." hey crybaby what are you doing " a voice behind him said as he pushed him up against the lockers Alex clutched his stuffed dragon closing his eyes "aww look the baby may cry I wonder what would happen if I take his toy away " the bully said laughing with his friends, Alex clutched tighter as his toy was being taken away from his arms "give it back " Alex shouted reaching for it, "oh and how are you gonna make me " the bully said holding it above his head, Alex jumped for it only to be pushed down by the bully, Alex got back up and kicked him in the knee the bully cried out in pain and punched Alex straight in the eye he was about to punch him again when a hand stopped him " that's enough" Alex recognized the voice as his best friend "your lucky your girlfriend's here to save you kid " the bully said walking away limping "Alex are you ok" she said picking him up "yea I'm alright but where's my toy "he said looking around she picked it up and dusted it off "here you go" she said handing it to him Alex hugged the toy "let's go to class " she said holding his hand walking down the hall.

The day went by normally Alex daydreaming in class "Alex are you paying attention" a voice said Alex startled "huh oh yes sir" he said clambering, the teacher sighed pushing up his glasses "meet me after class Alex " he said sternly Alex just looked down at his desk wondering if he should go back to daydreaming by the time Alex decided the bell had rang and everyone was leaving the class but Alex sat in his desk waiting for the teacher to give him his punishment. The teacher shut the door and pulled out  two apples from his mini fridge "here " he said handing the apple to Alex "thank you sir" Alex said taking a bite out of the apple " so what was it you were dreaming about now" he said, Alex's face light up "oh just how awesome it would be to be a knight riding a mighty dragon " Alex said with enthusiasm the teacher laughed almost choking on his apple he coughed "you imagine some wild things Alex " Alex just nodded, "the only teacher to ever be nice to me was him" Alex thought "hey why don't you and your mother come over for dinner and I can show you my collection of treasures I found on my adventures " the teacher said smiling Alex nodded his head and said "let me ask my mom first " Alex's mom and his teacher knew each other well Alex even saw them kiss one time.

Recess came by quicker than expected for Alex as he was swinging on the swings when he felt a hand push him off, Alex fell to the ground "hey why did you do that "Alex said turning around seeing his bully in front of him laughing "I have to pay you back for this morning kid you left a nasty bruise on my leg" he said cracking his knuckles "you gave me a black eye and I kicked you in the leg so we're even "Alex said getting up he knew he couldn't take him on with his buddies there with him Alex looked around for a teacher but there were none to be found "yea that's right look for a teacher who's gonna save you now it's just me and you" he said approaching him. Alex knew there was no way out so he did what he could he balled his fist and swung at the bully hitting him in the chin " hey that was good punch but I can do better "the bully said punching Alex in the stomach Alex fell to the ground coughing up blood Alex's vision going blurry he heard a voice in his head " get up fight back " the voice said Alex felt a rush of energy in his body he got up and punched the bully straight in the jaw and grabbed him by the shirt and threw him on the ground, the bully tried to get up but coudnt Alex looked at the bullies friends they looked at each other and ran away calling a teacher for help.
After the fight Alex knew what was gonna happen as he heard his name being called over the intercom, Alex walked down the hall backpack already in hand and entered the principal's office he noticed the bully sitting in the other chair across the room holding a ice pack to his cheek, "Alex this boy said you beat him on the playground is that true " the principal said sternly Alex just looked down at his knees knowing it would be impossible to tell him that he was the one being attacked the principal sighed "looks like I'm gonna have to call your mom " he said alex walked out of the room and sat in the hallway chairs pulling out his stuffed dragon "your mom is gonna be a little late picking you up " the principal said alex just nodded and started walking to his house even though it was miles away.

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