Christmas Spirit *GOM members*

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Did you know that it's only 6 days to Christmas? Because it is

I'm feeling extremely festive right now. There's a Christmas tree in my house and presents under said tree so I'm completely ready

Anyway, I thought it would be cute to do this one shot because Christmas is the best time of the year and I'm sure that the GOM members love it just as much as me and who knows? Maybe this will be updated everyday in the run up to Christmas?

Okay, I'm rambling. Let's go

Reader's P.O.V

"Akashi! Come help with the decorations!" You shouted into the gym. It was his idea to decorate the gym in the first place, and yet here all of us were and Akashi was no where to be found. You put the boxes of lights, tinsel, ornaments ect down and looked around to assess the current situation.

Kuroko was being lifted up by Murasakibara to stick up some paper snowflakes up near the score board, Midorima was standing holding a piece of green tinsel not doing anything with it. Aomine and Kise were arguing over what looked like a basketball bauble. To sum it up, they were a mess.

"(First Name), tell Aominecchi that I get to decide where to put the basketball ornament!" "(First Name), tell Kise that he's an idiot and that I get to decide where to put the basketball ornament, because I'm the ace!" The two continued arguing and you resisted the urge to facepalm because of their childish antics. "Akashi will get to decide where the ornament goes, because he's the captain. Okay?" Kise passed you the ornament before storming off. 

Honestly, how do these imbeciles even have fangirls? "(First Name)-Chin. I don't want to put up decorations anymore. It's too tiring." You looked up at the giant, who still had Kuroko sitting on his shoulders. His usual bored expression was still on face and Kuroko looked unimpressed with the whole thing. "You can stop putting up decorations if you go and find Akashi for me." Murasakibara nodded and pulled Kuroko off of his shoulders before walking out of the gym.

"Kuroko, you're good with colour coordination so you can help Midorima with putting the tinsel up. He just nodded, not like you were expecting much of a response from him anyway. He never talked to you that much.

"Midorima!" You shouted at the green haired nerd, who was still standing holding one piece of tinsel. His head snapped towards you and he looked confused, "Kuroko is going to help you put up the tinsel and you'd better make it look nice." You shoved Kuroko towards Midorima with a box of tinsel in his hands. Hopefully, this would work.

After making sure that the boys were putting up the decorations properly, you decided to go and look for Murasakibara. It had been about 20 minutes since he left and knowing him he probably got distracted by snacks or something like that. It wouldn't be the first time that you'd sent him out to get something and he got distracted.

It wasn't hard to find him, his height and the long purple hair kind of gave it away and surprise surprise; he was standing in front of a vending machine with a pile of snacks in his arms. "Murasakibara!" You folded your arms over your chest and gave him your best intimidating look. which wasn't easy as you had to look up quite a lot to look him in the eye. "Oh, hello (First Name)-Chin." He turned his attention back to the vending machine in front of him and you could feel the frustration bubbling up inside of you.

"Have you found Akashi yet?" Confusion crossed his face for a second before being replaced by a blank slate, "He called me and said that he was heading over to the gym." You facepalmed and gritted your teeth, "When did he call you?" He just shrugged in response, not even turning to face you. "I'm going to head back to the gym now, make sure to come back within 10 minutes, we still need your help putting up decorations." Murasakibara nodded and you turned around to head back to the gym where hopefully the boys would be almost done with putting up the decorations.

The gym was eerily silent which set you on edge. For as long as you had known the boys, they had never been able to stay quiet for longer than 5 minutes. Well, all except Kuroko. You had debated tying a bell to him in the past. 

You walked into the gym and couldn't seen anything, as someone had turned out all of the lights. These boys would be the death of you. "Guys! Are you in here?" You called out into the darkness while trying to find the light switch. It should be along this wall somewhere... You found it and turned on the lights, what you saw was surprising. 

The gym was fully decorated and it looked amazing.

"Wow." You looked around and it was astounding, everything was how you had wanted it. How did they manage it? They were a mess before you left and you hadn't been gone that long. 

"I got some people in to help." Akashi stepped in front of you and you saw some of his maids tidying up the excess before quickly leaving the gym. "Well what happened to the team?" He gestured towards the changing rooms, so you headed over to them.  What you saw was hilarious. 

To stop them from interfering with the decorating, Akashi had tied them all together and placed them in the middle of the floor. Aomine and Kise looked extremely annoyed, Midorima was questioning his 'lucky item' of the day which was a pink teddy bear, and Kuroko had the same blank look on his face. Akashi walked in behind you, "I hope you liked the decorations, (First Name)." 


So that was fun, wasn't it?

I'm in such a good mood today because it's less than a week to Christmas (as I said at the start)

I love decorating and putting up lights and tinsel, it's rather soothing and you then have an excuse to put glittery stuff and fairy lights up all over your house without being judged by your neighbours

(Do you like the new book cover? I made it myself and I feel accomplished even though it isn't great)

I hope you guys enjoyed this and if you did then don't forget to:



Play with tinsel


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