Part 2

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So the usual, characters here belong to chooseitwisely Don't read if you haven't read JWIN and BOTR, there are spoilers here. Duh.

I wrote another chapter because I was going batty with Seth and Keely withdrawals, I miss them so much!

Hope you enjoy, let me know what you think :)

Whisking the sweat off my forehead as I walked off stage, I gladly accepted a water bottle from Brad before gulping the entire thing down. Heart still beating madly after the fast paced rock show, I headed towards my changing room, my comfortable - and more importantly, dry - clothes in mind. It really was a great decision to forgo makeup completely for this show, it would have been disgusting by now. I mean, three hours of non-stop movement does take a toll, and the energy from this crowd was incredible, but that was to be expected.

It was my first concert in America in over a year, the sold out stadium overflowing with revellers screaming out my lyrics enthusiastically. It was ego lifting, to be sure. California proved to be quite welcoming, its sunny weather quite a shock after the last month spent in the UK.

Responding easily to congratulations called out from my crew, I handed the towel to a waiting member before opening my changing room door and slipping inside. The sudden quiet made me all the more aware of the buzzing in my head, as I ambled over to my bag with a spring in my step, lightly dancing to a soundless tune. I was home. Well, almost, New York is the last stop in this leg, but right now this is home enough. This world tour has dragged on for quite a while, seemingly never ending with a constant cycle of performances, interviews and partying late into the night. Only two more months of this tour left, and then it will be over. I've done longer tours than this before, yet this one has taken quite a bit out of me.

I'm probably too old for this shit now.

With a snort at my thoughts, I peeled off the sweaty clothes and changed into fresh jeans and a t-shirt, tying up the laces to my converse shoes. At 28 years old, I had exceeded my life expectancy of 27, probably causing more than a few people to lose some money. It's a mark of being in this industry for so long that I wasn't even insulted that there were bets on me joining the 27 club. I even joined in at times, joking in interviews about this being my farewell tour.

Hastily shoving my belongings into the duffel bag, I grabbed my phone off the counter before charging out the door. My plane had only landed here this morning, and I was willing to murder someone for a real bed to sleep in. Luckily I had a hotel room already booked for me, all I needed to do was get my ass there.

Easy enough, except as I was leaving I managed to walk straight into a wall. A moving one.

Opening my mouth to apologise to whoever I'd run into, I froze as I caught sight of a familiar mop of dark hair and a leather jacket, hazel eyes peering down at me mischievously as warm hands firmly gripped my arms to stop me from toppling over. Shock washing over me like waves, I was still for a beat before a high pitched squeal ripped out of my mouth and I flung myself at him, arms wrapping around his neck tightly.

With a laugh, Seth returned the embrace, squeezing my waist before I hurriedly stepped away from him, tiredness forgotten as I bounced on the tips of my toes, a wide grin blooming on my face. It had been months since I'd last saw him, and he still looked the same as ever, albeit a bit happier with that gold spark shining in his eyes as he stepped back as well.

"You're going to break a bone one day," was his brilliant greeting. Placing a hand in the front pocket of his dark jeans, he straightened, surveying me casually. I noticed he was carrying his black Gibson guitar with him, and there was a smoke tucked behind his ear.

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