What's Another Surprise. Part 42

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19th December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

I was sitting on a settee in the family room looking around at all the family who were coming and going in this large and spacious house that Jill and Micah have here and smiled at all the antics the kids were up to.

I was sitting on a settee in the family room looking around at all the family who were coming and going in this large and spacious house that Jill and Micah have here and smiled at all the antics the kids were up to

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I think I enjoyed it.

But there was still something that was bugging me and it wasn't until Joy's son Daniel came in with his wife Jenny that more little bells were going off. But I kept those thoughts to myself until later when all the kids were in bed.

To be honest, I was still in shock with how many multiples there were in this family that Jill has. It was no wonder that this was an amazing family. The photo's on the large mantle piece across the other side of the room proved it.

I had gotten up earlier just after we arrived and was introduced to everyone that I saw the photo's and had to go over and have a look at them. There were two wedding photo's. One with Micah and the other with the Man who started this family with Jill, Mason Tyler.

He had been a few years older than Jill had been and from what i had been hearing about him, he fell in love with Jill but fought it with a passion until he ungracefully gave in and told her she was going to marry him after she had her babies.

The babies that Jill created with Micah.

Next to it was a family photo with Mason and Jill with two sets of older couples I have come to know of as the grandparents in the family and a big young man who looked at the kids with a huge smile as he stood behind everyone.

He was the famous Joey I have heard about. He likes to garden. But one set of grandparents was obviously missing today and not here due to their passing a few years ago. Masons godparents. The family still miss them both very much.

Then I saw another family photo on the other end on the other side of Micah and Jill's obvious wedding photo where there were nearly all the kids except the youngest one. That photo was in the next one.

Both ends of the mantle had photo's of Jill's family right up to the present. Including the latest one of Eddie who was standing there leaning against a wall looking on with her arms crossed as a young man was bending over a crib gently, but nervously smiling as his finger was being held in one hand we can see that was holding tightly onto him.

It was easy to see the love in Eddie's eyes as she looked on as well as the love that this young man had as he looked down at the baby in the crib beside him. It was a beautifully caught moment frozen in time.

It was nearly nine o'clock that night before practically all the kids were in bed or in their rooms settling down for the night before we could all get some adult time in.

" All right sarah. I can tell something has been bothering you. So spit it out and tell us what it is." Joy said to me in a firm no nonsense voice which had Daniel laugh.

Daniel was Micah's father.

I just looked at Daniel. I looked at John and I looked at Joy before looking at Micah and Reid. Then I looked back at daniel again and also to Joy.

"Well. It's like this. " I started to say to them which had them all looking at me with curiosity.

" I don't know if anyone else has picked up on it. But there is a real mystery here with this family connection." I said to them all in a quiet voice.

" We gather that. Your point is?" Reid went on to say which told me that he doesn't really know this family as well as I did after doing my research. I pulled out a paper that I had been scribbling on earlier and put it on the table in front of me to help me keep my thoughts together and not frazzle off in all sorts of directions.

" Reid. We have confirmation that you and Joy are related. Her father and your grandmother were brother and sister. That's a given, right?" i asked him waiting for his acknowledgment at what i just said.

" Yeah. But they are doing the whole family remember?" He then said back to me.

" Who is the whole family they have on record?" I asked him if he was told anything more.

" To be honest Babe, I have no idea. Why do you ask?" he then asked me as he looked around at everyone.

"It's umm.. it's just that we know you are now related to Joy's family. You have a connection via DNA." I was beginning to say before speaking again.

" And you share quite a few similarities to Micah and his father daniel." I said as I heard someone swear at the other end of the table.

"Shit. " It was Daniel himself who swore as he started to look at both Reid and Joy before his eyes settled on me again waiting for me to finish speaking.

" Daniel. I know a bit about your dad. But what do you know about your mother. Your birth mother?" I asked him as I watched his eyes widen, his lips thin out in a grimace of sorts and then the light went on in his head like a lightbulb before he spoke to us all.

" Dad might know more than I do. I was only a little kid when she died and those memories are really vague to me now which is sad." Daniel was saying to me before turning to his father.

" Dad. What do you remember about mum?" daniel asked his aged father who was sitting there beside Joy holding her hand.

" Well son. That was all so long ago. I didn't have her for a very long time before we lost her and her mother int hat accident. It was just before Annie had her accident, Joy" He turned to his wife to say to her.

" That was a hellish time for all of us. Daniel lost his mother and grandmother, Annie was nearly killed. Uncle Eddie and Aunt Lotty and the kids were murdered in Africa. Life was pretty stuffed up for us at that time." Joy was saying to us which had us looking on in shock at what she was now mentioning that was happening in their family.

" Why bring up his mother, Sarah?" Reid went on to ask me as Micah then looked on with a speculative look.

" It's just that I know that Joy is Daniel's step mother after marrying John when Danile was about sixteen. Daniel being Micah's father. How could Micah share the same DNA as Joy and you?" I simply stated which had the others who hadn't made the connection yet gasping in shock at what i said.

"It comes back to Daniel's birth mother and your mother, Reid. It's a mystery." I said as I began to sip from my cuppa that had been placed in front of me a moment earlier.

" Well shit. What a cluster fu.." Daniel went on to say as he too looked on with a sudden and shocked look on his face.

" Yes. Exactly. I think some real good investigating will have to be done into both Reid's mother and Daniel's to see how we are all connected." John went on to say with an amused yet speculative look at he looked down at his wife.

" Mr Dorn still works for us. Or more like his company does. We can get him to investigate for us." Jill went on to say which had Micah nodding in agreement before someone else caught our attention.

" What's that look for? " Joy asked him which had everyone look across at them both.

" It's just that when I think life in our family life begins to settle down, something else pops up to excite us all again. I really should not be surprised, should I? " John said with this very amused look on his old and wrinkled face.

One Joy reached up to give a kiss to.

" I did tell you that our family was different and full of surprises., didn't I? " She said looked up at him with a very loving smile on her face.

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