Prologue: He Pretends He's Okay

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*cheers and shit*
What's up fuckers
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So yeah this is just basically catching up on everyone while Neekles (yes I'm keeping that name 😛) was gone
Enjoy fellow asswipes!

Leo POV: ⚠⚠⚠ (I'm just gonna put these up when something trigger worthy happens)

I bite my lip harshly as the fine blade slides cleanly across my tanned skin.
Seventh Wheel
Couldn't save him
Should've saved him
Didn't save him

A loud, prominent knock sounds at my door. I sigh and rub the tears off of my greasy face. I take a quick look in the mirror to make sure my eyes weren't puffy and make a practice grin. Perfect.

"Leo?" A voice calls out. I clear my dry throat. "Just a sec! Gotta clean up real quick." I furiously tend to my cuts, wrapping them in bandages, then roll down my sleeves. I pace to the door as to not keep Lily waiting. If you were wondering, Lily is my beautiful, kind girlfriend that I don't deserve.

I open the door to see her pretty smiling face, and I paste a smirk on mine as well. "Couldn't wait to see me, could you, sweetie?" She rolls her eyes and pushes me a little, but the smile stays on her face. "Shut up, Leo. You are so lucky I like you." I try to make my grin more credible. "That I am, pretty lady." She blushes and pushes her hair behind her ear.

When she looks back up, her eyes are twinkling. "So, you'll be there tonight, right?" She says, and I don't miss the hope lacing her voice. "Wouldn't miss it for the world," I say, pecking her cheek. She giggles and skips away.

What I don't say, is that I would miss it for Nico. I'd miss anything for Nico.

Percy POV:

While Annabeth sleeps soundly next to me, the nightly "what if"'s run through my mind. What if I had been there for him? What if I acted kinder to him in the time we had together? What if he died thinking I didn't care about him as much as everyone else? What if...he died hating me?

I bite the inside on my cheek and turn fitfully to my side so I face the back of my wife's head. Yes, Annabeth and I are married. I feel the tears prick my eyes as I realize he missed our wedding. Then again, I didn't deserve to have him attend my wedding. Not after the way I treated him.

Usually, Annabeth's scent calmed me down, but it never worked these days. Rather than being fine with the smell of parchment and fruity shampoo, I find myself wishing for that earthy, vanilla aroma that Nico had to him. It made me feel...I actually don't know. Safe? Home? Unafraid? I groan at how confused he still makes me feel even after...

The tears finally fall, and I gently leave the bed and feel my way to our bathroom. I flip the switch and clench the sink as I look at my pathetic reflection. My usually bright green eyes seem like pond scum and the heavy bags underneath make it look worse. I have only been outside to attend school, but otherwise I stay in the house and sulk, and I seriously doubt that Annie knows. If she did, my skin wouldn't be this sickly color.

But I don't care about what I look like. I wouldn't care if I were the most hideous being on earth. As long as Nico was here, I didn't care. But he's not, so none of that matters. None of the "what if"'s do.

Frank POV:

I sigh quietly for the umpteenth time tonight, hearing sobs through the wall from the room next to me. Poor Hazel. I didn't want to make her feel like a child, but it was getting worse. After a few more minutes of debating and hearing more choked cries, I said screw it (watch ur profanity) and crawled out of bed.

When I arrived at her door, my hand was hovering over the knocker when the crying stopped. "Come in, Frank," she says, barely loud enough for me to hear. I grimace and let myself inside, then stand beside her bed. The light was on, so I could see her bloodshot eyes, tears leaking through. She just looked so done. So tired and finished. I gulp and get an idea.

Concentrating, I manage to transform into a pug. I probably should've did so before I got on the bed, because my short legs can't reach. I whine, hoping Hazel will pick me up. Despite the fact that she was just crying, she smiles and let's a beautiful laugh escape her lips. Thankfully, she reaches over the side of the bed and lifts me up, pressing me up against her cheek.

We stay like that for the rest of the night, cuddling under Hazel's covers.
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