Chapter 55

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1 Week Later...

(Tay Pov)

Ty And King Were Finally Old Enough For School. Today Was Going To Be There First Day.

"King!" I Called As I Sat In The Living Room Doing Ty's Hair.

"Yess Mama" I Heard Him Say.

"You Got 3 Minutes To Get Down Here Before I Come Up There And Get You" I Said.

"Early In The Morning You Throwing Threats" Gemini Said Coming Into The Kitchen.

"Well Tell Your Son Hurry Up" I Told Him.

"I Got Him" Gemini Said Walking Over And Kissing My Lips.

Me And Gemini We Were Together But Not Living Together. But He Still Had The Keys To My House And I Had The Keys To His. I Dont Know What You Call That But Thats Something... Well A Start.

"Morning Baby" He Said Kissing Ty On Her Forehead.

"Morning Daddy" She Said.

"KINNNGG!" Gemini Yelled Up.

"Daddy I Need Help" King Said.

(Gemini Pov)

"What You Need Help With?" I Asked King As I Walked Into His Room.

"I Dont Know What Shoes To Wear" He Said.

Laid Out In Front Of Him Was A Line Of Shoes. Funny Thing Was King Had On Uniform Not Regular Clothes. He Had On White And Khakis.

"Boy Throw On Some Shoes" I Told Him.

"Your No Help Dad" King Told Me.

"I Just Helped You" I Told Him.

"If You Werent My Dad I Would Kick You In Your Knee" He Told Me As He Threw On Some All Red Huaraches.

"And I Wouldve Beat Your..." I Started To Say.

"Your Nothing" Tay Said. "I Wish You Would Lay Hands On My Baby" She Said Walking Towards King.

She Kneeled Down And Fixed His Shirt Collar And Tied His Shoe. King Looked At Me And Stuck His Tongue Out At Me And I Stuck Mines Back.

"Hey You Copy Katter" Ty Said Walking Into Kings Room.

She Had Two Puff Balls On Her Head With Her Baby Hair Laid Down. She Had On White And Khakis Like King With All Red Huaraches.

"No You Copied Me" King Told Her.

Tay Got There Bookbags And Handed Them To Me.

"There All Your's Now" She Told Me.

I Took The Bags But Not Before Pulling Her Into My Arms.

"And So Are You" I Told Her.

Well Lets Just Say The Kids Were Gonna Be Late Cause Tay Wouldnt Let Them Go Without Snapping A Few Pics Of Them. She Even Stole One Of Me Holding Ty Right Before I Placed Her In Her Seat.


(Tay Pov)

"Whats The Agenda For Today?" Gem Asked Entering The Living Room.

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