Rose Bush

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"Good morning, everyone," Finnick says happily.

"Hey," Glimmer, Katniss, and I say in unison, smiling.

"Kill yourself," Johanna says with a sarcastic smile. Jo's not really a morning person.

"Well, isn't someone just a little ray of black hole?" He looks at her bitterly.

"Okay, I've been up for seventy-two hours for absolutely no reason at all. I want to go home," she snaps and storms away.

"Aw, she reminds me of a rose bush. She looks so pretty but you try to get close and she hurts you," he says, walking to class.

•A/N: Hiya! Okies, dokies. First of all, I'm so, so sorry it's been forever since my last update. I've been grounded from my phone for something so stupid! Okay, here's the thing: I forgot to take my dog out for a fucking walk once! I repeat: once! And, my mom goes apeshit! Here's how it all went down:

Me (after getting home from school): Hey, Mom, can I go to a basketball game?

Mom: No, because you didn't take the dog out this morning

Me: it was one time. I'm a human, I made a mistake. It's what we do. We ain't perfect.

Mom: well, still, you're not going.

Me: Dude, I just want to go to a game not a party.

Mom: Give me your phone

Me: What?! What did I do?!

Mom: you used you're smartass mouth!

Me: Bull-freakin'-crap!

Mom (sarcastically: Oh, puddin, bless your heart. Bless your little heart. You are in so much trouble.

Me (facepalm): Oops

Mom: give me your phone

Okay, now I think my mom took my phone for screaming "bull-freakin'-crap" at the top of my lungs.

Btw: that's me up at top with my favorite SnapBack! I look shitty!

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