chapter 2 - Old but new best friend

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Thank you guys for actually reading this piece of crap, I'm Glad I could make it this far!! Keep reading and comment and all that fun stuff! Thank you!


Chapter 2  - Old but new friend

"JAY!" I screamed in tears, leaping into his arms.

i hugged him tight, crying joyfully. "Id thoguht you left me!! dont ever leave me again!! I missed you so much!!" he only replied with " hush! Im right here, im right here, ill never leav again, I promise"

i stayed in his arms what seemed like forever, until i gave out a yawn.

"okay, you need sleep" he said  letting go of our long hug. "bu-" "no buts! bed. ill see you in the morning."  be kissed my forhead and said, "I heard eveything you said, i wanted so bad to help but i was only watching from above, and not with you. I was absolutly fine, i was only not fine when you wheren't okay. sobbing that hard? shoot, i had to have done SOMTHING, i whent into my body, and groome told you more about me.. know that your my world as much as I am yours.. and Ill Never leave you, and i never did."  I nodded and curled up in bed, feeling hapilly drowsy. " love you, you pillow smacking woman." he said. I giggled as he turned off the lights and slipped out of my room.

<youve got one heck of a gardian,> a sweet voice wispered. <sleep, you have a bright future ahead>

I drifted into a deep sleep.                                                                        


I woke up with a start, looking around my warm hospital room. I felt it wasn't safe, but as soon as I realized nothing was wrong, I rested my head back down.

Memory's suddenly flooded into my mind.

something WAS wrong, I had left dawn!

 the las image of her made me tremble with guilt. I left her. How could I have been so week? where's dawn? the thought burst into my mind, making me panic. but then eased as i remembered she was in her room

"dawn, I wont leave your side again" I muttered in guilt as I walked to her room.


 " hey! here's fried chicken and some water, I'm glad to see you've stopped crying! well.. A little." he said handing me the plate. I began to dig in.  jay watched me with those.. those gosh dang BLUE EYES! I'm freaking jealous. where did he get those things? " god gave them to me so I had a soothing way of comforting you, just like an ocean!" He said interrupting my thoughts, my jaw dropped as he laughed. "I trained to be a mind reader, its a skill no one knows when your alive, that until I was woken up!" he said sounding a bit proud. wile I laughed, I didn't blame him! finishing up my food, I noticed him STILL staring at me, I started getting nervous. WHY THE HECK AM I NERVOUS!?!?   he then looked at me and moaned in pain, rubbing his temples. "you okay?" I asked. "the doctors say Ill have migranes from such a long coma... ill be fine!" he muttered. I set down my empty plate on a desk next to me and I began chuging the watter, jay sat up and staired at my cast with so much guilt, I could feel it humming off his body.  "after the power of physical touch.. I could have healed you.." he huffed, he sounded so sad a a pang of sorrow plucked my stomach.  he looked away from me, gosh he probubly felt like crap and i had no Idea how to help him, he must have read my thought and smiled up at me, " your too kind, I'll be fine, its YOU I need to worried about" he wimpered, having a little crack in his voice once he said "ill be fine".  he slowly stood up,  showing off his really ugly hospital outfit. thoughs blue eyes shimmered intensly as he crouched in front of me, I had no Idea why. I grabbed his face suddenly and stared at his eyes with tension, he was right about the ocean, the blue irises of his lapped like water. "can you let go of my face?" he asked his face squished in my hands. I laughed and let go as he gave me a smirk "dork" he muttered. "weirdo!" I snapped back teasingly. we talk the day off and the night off, seriously I had to be striped out of the room around 3 o'clock from a nurse! "bed time you two!" the nurse chuckled as he forced me out of the room.  at least I got to know more about jay, well at least what I could get out of him, he's been stuck with me for 16 years, so I get he barley has any interests. I went to bed, and the next morning I skipped breakfast, I was too tired to leave bed, and I'm guessing jay was the same. at least there where no worries no fear, no tears. then suddenly, a stabbing pain entered my back, and caused me to wheeze. I sat there un able to move for the longest three minutes of my life, suddenly Jane burst threw the door, " jay is having back cramps, there causing him too.. you can feel It to!?" she squeaked, picking me up, I'm guessing she suddenly knew what to do. we made are way to jays room and the moment I walked in there the pain disappeared softly, but I notice it just got worse for jay. he was moaning and wheezing in pure pain, sweat shinned on his forehead and soaked his shaggy hair. "help me flip him over" jane said on the oposite sid eo fthe bed, we flipped him onto his back and immidiatley she ripped his hospital clothes to show his bare back. there was somthing wrong with his back though, somthing was movving as if it wanted to get out of his skin. I turned away from the scene, it was too gross to watch. that's when I felt a hand take mine and squeeze it tightly as he began to yell in pain. he was getting worse every minute he grew louder and louder, keeping my eyes off of him I turned to Jane who looked like she knew what she was doing, how did she know? Suddenly jay screamed at is all time loudest and gripped my hand hard, "AH Jay!" I said, startled at his sudden tight, painful grip. I shut my eyes tightly and what I thought would be a torturous Hour, It only lasted a second, that last thing I hearted was POOF like something big entering the room swiftly, and jays long sigh, and short big, panting breaths. "Dawn, you need to see this.." Jane said, a if she new what she was talking about. I turned around slowly and to see to beautiful white wings, stained with blood (probably from ripping out of his skin, the worst  was where the wings meat the back.. ewe) They moved slowly down to fold up "wait keep them open" Jane said, walking over to the opposite side of the bed from me. before she could  do anything I Held my hand out and stroked his wing, "Ah.." jay winced in pain and flinched his wing away. "sorry" I muttered regretting my decision, "no.." jay huffed looking up at me with an exhausted face, I frowned and felt like I shouldn't even be in the room, " here.. you disserve to be here.." he muttered holding a wing out. I stroked its soft feathers as jay braced his wings, then my vision got blurrier and blurrier until it was pitch black, and that's the last thing I remembered.


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