Chapter 33: Reunited With Family

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That morning we arrive in District 2. We leave the train with Wilma and greet our, now, numerous fans. Me and Cato hold hands and kiss for the cameras.

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen" Wilma starts enthusiastically "We are going to have a meet and greet with our lovely Victors so if you have any question we will try to answer them at the fullest possible".

I little girl raises her hand. "Is there any hope for a non-career like me of winning the Games?" she asks sounding like a real reporter.

"Well, yes, you must know how to survive" I start.

"The majority of tributes die from natural causes" Cato continues.

"You must know a weapon good enough to use it at a time of need" I add.

"And know how to hunt, hide and kill" Cato adds. I think he scares the girl a little.

A larger boy raises his hand. "How did you feel all those days with no-one to annoy you or disturb you?"

"Well I was just waiting for some action" I say "No action means the Capitol gets tired and will threaten you more. Luckily enough we could defeat the obstacles in our way and remain Victorious".

A middle aged woman raises her hand."How do you feel about the 4 Victors rule change in these Hunger Games?" the woman asks.

"Well I think it's great for 12 since they had only had one Victor. And now we have like 25 or something. I couldn't have lived with myself if I had to kill or harm Clove in any way." Cato states proudly.

"That will be all of the questions for now. Thank you." Wilma states and everyone disperses. I meet up with my family in the Justice Building.

"Oh Clove. How are you?" my mother says putting me into a headlock hug.

"I'd be better if you'd let me breathe" I say under my choking breath.

"We are so happy you're home. Did you know that the Sevinas are now the most heavily populated family of living Victors? Your father, me, You , Shyll and your granpa. Plus not living your grandma and great grama."My mom states very proudly.

"Let's go home" I say holding Martial's hand. We arrive home and I remember I am engaged.

"Mom, dad can I talk to you alone?" I ask.

"Yes. Martial go up stairs and get you brother up" My dad says.

"uhh this isn't easy to say but ..." I start.

"Were you raped?" my dad asks concernedly, looking me over for injuries.

"No. No it's not that. I'm engaged" I say showing off the ring.

"Oh honey we knew that" my mother says, as if it were nothing.

"What do you mean you know?" I ask, nervous for some reason.

"We have the teleprojector" she responds. "You and Cato are all over the News"

"Let's have dinner" my dad says getting up. My brother, Shyll comes down the stairs. Shyll lost a leg in his games and now has a prosthetic. My brother thinks it make him look like a super hero but I think it makes him sad.

"Hi Shyll" I say helping him down the rest of the way.

"Ohh hey Clove, I heard you won the Games" he says struggling to the couch.

"Yeah I'm officially a Victor with Cato, Katniss and Peeta. I say sitting next to him.

"You, what? 4 Victors?" he exclaims. My mother brings us lunch and not much happens after that. I go over to Cato to introduce myself further and we have dinner over there.

His mom and dad are very nice. But his older brothers are annoying. His younger sister the one that I volunteered for sits next to me. She looks over at me and when she sees me looking back she'll look away.

"So when's the wedding?" his mother asks.

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