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14 years ago

"Mom, where are you going!" The boy furiously tugged at the older women's dress, threatening to rip it. Anguish and regret clouded over his mother's soft eyes, as she dropped on both of her knees, pulling the boy into her body. Tears teasingly adorned his water line, as his hand clutched and bunched up the back of his mother's dress.

"I have to go, kitten." The older woman reminded him with the heartbreaking truth. Small balled up fists banged against his elder's small frame, desperately trying to get rid of reality. He needed her to stay.

Salty pools of liquid were streaming down his rosy cheeks, heartache and distress covered him like freshly glued wall paper. His arms were unwillingly forced to let go of the familiar warmth as his mother stood up. 

A man stepped into the room, deep rouge blood staining what was left of his ripped shirt

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A man stepped into the room, deep rouge blood staining what was left of his ripped shirt. Stubble was apparent on his jaw and stress lines were prominent.

"Ella, we have to leave." He calmly prompted, staring at Ella in anticipation, but not before sending a longing glance to his son. If the man stayed any longer, he knew he wouldn't be able to leave his only son.

Ella took steps toward her mate, causing the little boy's eyes widen, the reality of the situation setting in. 

"You can't!" His head shaking rigorously, "I need you!" 

Ella paused, sent a pleading glance at Alexander, and looked backed at her son. The action created a small amount of hope in the boys heart, as he looked up through his lashes at the person he loved the most in the world.

Yet all hope and the rest of his heart was turbulently torn apart, when his mother simply uttered out 4 words and turned to leave.

Words that he would cling onto for the rest of his life.

 Words that would change him. 

Words that he would truly only feel once again.

"I love you, Ezra."



Ezra paced back and forth. His brows furrowed, deep in thought. Most of his council had elected not to send a search party after Aurora. They claimed that she wasn't part of the pact, and therefor didn't deserve a rescue party. 

The other half of his impartial pack, agreed on not searching for Aurora and claimed that Max was a pack member and therefor needed to be looked for.

So here they sat, all staring at the indecsisive alpha. Ezra knew that Aurora would be able to handle herself, but he wasn't sure if she could find max or save him. As much as he hated to admit it, he didn't really know his mate. He didn't know what she liked to eat or listen to. Ezra didn't know what she did in her free time or what her favorite color was.

He didn't know enough to make a proper decision like he was trained to do. And so he stepped forward to the head of the table, and placed his hand down. The sound resonated throughout the room, and those who were not paying attention, now were.

Ezra cleared his throat, and looked up at all his followers.

"Half of you claim that Aurora isn't part of our pack, which she isn't. Yet hadn't we almost let her into our pack? Isn't the only reason she is still alive because one of the most profound seers believes she is special? We have wasted resources on her for a few weeks now, and you're saying we should stop all of the sudden? To waste our time and effort? Even when one of our pack members, a six year old, has been captured by a rogue?"

Ezra finally paused to take a deep breath of air, done with his rant and waiting for the reaction from his companions.

Finally a brave wolf stood up. He was the communications officer who handled dealing with other packs.

"With all due respect Alpha, since when have you even cared about what a seer thinks? Weren't you the one that killed the previously highest ranked seer?"

Ezra's claws extend into the plushy chair that  his hand were resting on.

"That seer belonged to a malignant and vile pack, who had absolutely no right to even exist." He tried to reason.

Another voice spoke up, "You're not getting the point, Alpha. Why do you care so much about this measly defenseless girl?"

By now all of the faces in the room were filled with the some questioning look on their face: What was so special about Aurora? Ezra sighed, and pulled out the chair that he was holding. He transferred his weight into it, and sat up staring at the pack leaders.

"Sit" He gestured, with the downward motion of two fingers. Immediately, the ones who were standing warily sat in their plush seats.

Ezra knew he had to tell them about what Aurora truly was. He shouldn't tell them that Ezra was his mate, and telling them about Aurora's power would satisfy their curiosity as well as gain what little trust that had been lost, back.

"I'm sure all of you have heard of descendent of the moon goddess. Very rare, and only appear every other generation. We have had many throughout the centuries, and the fifteenth died in the 1900s. Her name was Angelina Lane. Anyone knew of her?" 

A small, feeble little hand shook itself into the air. Ezra nudged is head, allowing him the permission to speak.

"Her moniker was 'Lady Viper', deadly yet so beautiful. She was trained to be an assassin that did low-life alpha's dirty work." His familial responder conjured, remembering what he read in the textbooks.

Ezra smiled and nodded, causing the man's chest to inflate in pride.

"Yes, well Lady Viper also happened to fall in love with get this-a rogue. Together they had a child, a girl, Lily Lane. She was frail and angelic, as fragile as glass. A weak werewolf was what she was, a combination of a non mate child. Her parents barely paid mind to the weakling most of her life and finally left Lily when she turned 18. Lily became a rogue, learning how to fend for herself before she came across Alpha David Evans, a honorable alpha. Together they grew old  and had 2 children. Does anyone know the rest to this story?"

Xavier, Ezra's beta firmly raised his hand. Once allowed to talk he ended the story with finality,"The two children were named Daniel and Aurora Evans. Daniel was the first child, or the oldest, and because a descendent could not be a male, he suffered from weakish wolf but extraordinary mind. Aurora however, was female, and was born as descendent. But being so weak, Lily's body gave out a few weeks after Aurora's birth, not being able to handle giving birth."

The story ended and most of the men had look of recognition in their eyes as if they had heard the story somewhere before. 

"So you see, that's why Aurora is so important." Ezra explained, crossing his arms.

 "She is stronger than all of us combined."

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