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What Happens In Vegas Doesn't always Stay In Vegas

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I haven't decided if this story should be a one-shot or a short story.What do you think? I got an idea a few days ago and had to write it to see what you all think.Please tell me honestly.Thanks.-Tay


Dear Diary,

I can't believe where I am right now.

As i write this,I am in his dungon.

Zak Bagans.

The dungon is so cool.

It's covered in skulls,red and black velvet,swords and other gothic things.

Most people would have been creeped out,but I honestly love it down here.

I'm sitting in the thrown he had sitting near the door.

He's asleep upstairs in his huge bedroom.

I only have one question for myself.

What the Hell am I doing down here when I could be up stairs with one of the hottest men in the world?

"Anna-Lynn?"I hear him shout coming down the stairs.

His voice made me jumps,shutting my journal and dropping my pen.

"Damn."I whisper to myself,getting up to look for it when he opens the door.

"What are you doing down here?"He asks softly,walking to me and pulling me to his chest.

"I couldn't sleep so I came down here to write in my journal.I hope that's okay."I answer sweetly,starring up into his gorgeous blue eyes.

He smiles,leaning down and kissing my nose.

"Of course it is."He whispers softly,drawing goosebumps up on my skin.

His warm breath washed over my neck and right cheek,making me shiver slightly.

He notices and takes off his sweat jacket,wrapping it around my shoulders,and leaving himself in only black and red pajama pants.

He had the body of a God,the charm of the Devil,and the alour of a drug.

I lean into him,letting him support my body.

He smiles,picking me up bridal style. 

"Come on,let's go back to bed."He says sweetly,carrying me back up stairs.

But that was years ago.

Today,I'm engaged and moving back to Las Vegas.

My fiance doesn't know anything that happened between Zak and I and he never will.

I have yet to have a normal dream ever since Zak and I split.

Everynight,I dream of nothing but him.

I wake up smiling and when I look around,expecting to see him again and don't,I grew sadder and sadder the longer the days go by.

Though I was determined to leave it all behind me.

I was going to be Mrs.Kyle Nilton soon and I couldn't be thinking of my ex when I was with him.

I was carrying in one of the last few boxes while Kyle was at work when three men came walking over.

"Hey,we just wanted to come over and welcome you to the..."The say together before stopping when I turn around.

They were my old friends,Nick Groff,Aaron Goodwin,and Billy Tolley.

They all stopped and starred at me.

"Hey guys."I cry,dropping the box and hugging them.

"Welcome home girlly."Nick says softly,sitting me back down.

I was smiling the entire hour we were all sitting out on the porch talking but that was until I saw him walking over.


I let my head fall into my hands,rubbing my temples.

"Hey guys,did you meet the new neighbors?"He asks the guys sweetly,standing infront of me.

I look up slowly,locking eyes with him.

"You're looking at her."I say softly,standing.

I walk around him and go to get the rest of the boxes,trying to block all thoughts of him.

God this was gonna be one Hell of a time,and I don't mean fun.

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