Chapter Twenty-Four: The Funeral

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The sound of Daniel's mother crying as his coffin was lowered into the ground was a sound that would haunt Gabriela for the rest of her life; her own eyes didn't move from the coffin wondering just what had happened.

The police had questioned her for hours about what had occurred when she had returned home from work and Gabriela had done her best to answer the questions.

There had been a moment where she had wondered if people would think that she was guilty of Daniel's murder; it was hard for her to even consider what would happen if people did think that.

The coroner had said that it looked like Daniel had been mauled by some sort of animal and that couldn't have been possible since he had been found in the apartment.

Gabriela hadn't cried since she had discovered Daniel, she felt numb and the days just seemed to blare into one as she tried to make sense of what had happened.

The funeral slowly ended and Gabriela stood there in her black twist knot dress trying to make sense of what had happened; she couldn't even remember how she had gotten there.

Emma stood to her left crying into Embry's shoulder, she couldn't believe that this had happened to her brother and she would never get to see him again.

The last words that she had ever said to her brother had been horrible and Emma would never get to say anything else to him; it had been the hardest thing that she had to deal with.

Embry had flown out as soon as he could, the way that Emma had described her brother's murder had worried him and he knew that there had to be more to this than they knew.

His eyes watched as everyone started to leave the grave, he hadn't felt welcomed by Emma's family but that didn't bother him too much considering with what they were going through.

Embry couldn't imagine what they were going through right now and he didn't think that they would ever truly understand what had happened to Daniel.

Emma kissed her boyfriend on the cheek before she walked over to her parents, she had been quiet since he had arrived and she had a feeling that Embry had worked out what had happened to her brother.

The apartment where Daniel had been murdered had been under investigation for weeks now and no one seemed to be able to work out what had occurred there when Daniel had died.

Whatever had happened his death had not been a quick one and that fact alone haunted everyone; they had no idea why anyone would want to do such a thing to Daniel.

Moving quietly over to Gabriela as the crowd around them started to leave, Embry couldn't imagine what she was going through right now; he was one of the few who knew that she'd planned to end things before Daniel had been murdered.

"I am sorry for your loss," Embry said gently stopping by her side, he wasn't sure what to say to her but he knew that he had to say something to her; he looked towards the grave wondering just why this had happened.

It hadn't taken much for him to work out that a vampire had killed Daniel and it left Embry with a lot of questions but that would have to wait for another time.

Gabriela didn't say a word, she hadn't really said much to anyone since the death and she just couldn't put into words how she was feeling right now.

Taking a deep breath, Embry wondered how to talk to her about this and he knew that if the vampire had killed Daniel then there was no doubt that Gabriela would be their next target.

He just wished that he could get into the apartment so that he could get a hold of the scent of the vampire that had done this.

"He's actually gone," Gabriela whispered shaking her head, it seemed completely unreal to her that this was happening right now; this was so not what she had thought would be the end for both her and Daniel.

Embry nodded his head feeling awkward, he hated that he didn't have any comforting words for her; he hadn't thought much about Daniel especially since in the time that he had known the man, he had been nothing short of a prick.

"You think a vampire did this?" Gabriela asked quietly, she didn't want to know too much but it had crossed her mind before now and she knew that she couldn't tell anyone about her suspicions about the situation.

They would most likely think she had gone mad with grief and Gabriela didn't need to deal with that right now; she just wanted to grieve for Daniel while she worked out what to do next.

There was no way in hell she was returning to that apartment even when the police released it from being a crime scene and staying at her parents was driving her up the wall.

Embry didn't say anything for a moment, he had no idea why this had happened but he didn't know the right answers but he hoped that things would be okay.

The last thing that Embry wanted was for Gabriela to find herself with a target on her back and no way of defending herself from some crazed vampire.

Embry had talked about it with Jacob and a couple of other pack members, they all agreed that it might be best of Gabriela came back to La Push for a little while in case the vampire was lurking around.

"You should come back to La Push for bit... get away from all of this," Embry suggested gently, he didn't want to confess his own worries to her just yet when she was still reeling from the death of her fiancé but he wanted her to think about it.

Gabriela looked at him, she wasn't sure what to make of his suggestions and she didn't know if she could just leave to travel back to La Push after everything that had happened.

She had heard the whispers from Daniel's friends about their suspicions that she had cheated on their friend before he had died; even now they were giving her dirty looks for just talking to Embry right now.

Gabriela closed her eyes, she wished that she had some idea about what she should do now that Daniel was dead; her heart was breaking and she had never felt this way in her entire life.

"Just think about it," Embry murmured gently, he didn't want to push her for a decision and he was here for another week before he had to return home himself.

Emma had invited him to stay with her and he didn't want to overstay this welcome especially when he was spending so much time with her parents who didn't like him.

Gabriela nodded her head before she started to walk away from Embry and the grave, she doubted that she would ever be able to wrap her head around what had happened.

Embry sighed before slowly following her, it looked like it was going to rain and he doubted that it was going to be a light shower; he stilled when the smell of vampire hit him.

Looking around the cemetery, Embry tried to find the source of the smell and he felt even more concerned when he couldn't see the vampire; his heart pounded in his chest as his eyes rested on Gabriela.

His worst fears coming into play and Embry knew that if he wanted to keep her safe then he would have to convince her to return to La Push with him.

Across the cemetery from where Embry was standing, hidden in the shadows of some trees stood a woman; her red eyes watching the scene before her and a smile on her red lips.

Her hands were covered in dried blood and her focus remained on the young woman that looked rather numb; she had to admit that she was rather enjoying the game that she had come up with and she couldn't wait to see what the wolves next move would be.

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