Chapter Fourteen» Distance

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'Like the brightest star you shined. Making me a lover in your eyes. I prayed every night for you, till my heart could no longer wait for you. The days were like a millenia, each passing by, yet without your presence. They're nothing but time. I know I shouldn't tell you, but how can I not. When the angels are before you, the words always flow through you.' The soft voice spoke. Now directed at me, as dark brown eyes glanced at mine. Waiting for my judgement.
I could feel my breathing hitch, as he smiled at me. His eyes twinkling a sincere smile shinning within them. Swallowing down, I glanced at my hands. Unable to look at him.

"Im sorry baby. I didn't mean to upset you. She was just an employee, she works with us. Part of the navy " he spoke stroking my cheek. Making me tense, inhaling sharply I looked up at him. Seeing his face pained.

"Its not that. It's just, I know I'm not that pretty but it hurts when you see your husband with another woman, who looks hundred times better than you " I whispered, tears threatening to spill making his eyes widen. It was as though someone  had slapped him across the face, as he shifted forward.  Sitting opposite me. His face hard, expressionless.

" Do you honestly think you're not pretty? " he asked exasperated, truly at loss for words, making me tense. Seeing his hand reach towards my face. Cupping my cheeks.

" You're the most beautiful woman I've ever laid my eyes. And id be dąmmed if you thought otherwise" he whispered. Wrapping his large arms around me, pulling me against his hard chest.

"I love you so much Aazeen. I don't know how I'm going to  survive this tour, heck without you. I don't think I'll survive this world"

It was as though someone had splashed cold water on me. Making me sit up, breathless. Gasping for air. Sweat drenched my body, as my body shook. Feeling as though, Yaseen had been here. As though he had truly embraced me. I mentally whispered, feeling tears run down my cheeks. My arms hugging my shaking form.

Large tears fell loosely on to my cold cheeks. Making my shaky legs reach towards my chest; as I hugged myself. Hearing soft sobs echoe across the large room. Swallowing down my dry throat, I furiously wiped the tears away. Suppressing the scream bubbling inside of me. Wanting to be given freedom. Wanting to be heard.

Looking at the open balcony. I could see the white see through curtains dance softly. As I slowly stood up.
Walking towards it, the fresh midnight air hit against me.
Allowing me to cry. As if  telling me it's okay to cry.

Inhaling sharply. I moved the curtain away, looking through the unknown city lights. Searching for a place of belonging, in an unknown land. Swallowing down my dry throat. The shaky of my hands ran through my hair. Pushing the wet strands aside.

A wave of nausea hit against me. Making me grip against the balcony railings, allowing the emerging tears  to fall loosely on to my cheeks.

I missed him. I missed him more than anything. I didn't want to live this life without him, yet here I was forced to live.  When in fact, the reason for my existence had long gone. Raising my gaze at the pitch black sky, I could see the stars sparkling  brightly. Against the darkness, leading a traveller home.

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