Chapter 15: Advice

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“Mami won’t be happy about that,” she informed Tomomi. The older brunette could only sigh. She already knew that, which is why she didn’t want Mami finding out about her unintentional spying. She didn’t want to do anything that could make Mami mad at her.

“I know,” Tomomi whispered. The brunette could hear a soft sniffling come from beside her, but she didn’t know which one it was coming from.

“It’s best you just forget what you know.” Tomomi’s eyes widened at Rina’s words. How could she say such a thing? Tomomi couldn’t just forget about what Mami’s mother was doing to her and she didn’t understand how Rina could do it. Weren’t any of them concerned for Mami’s safety?

Tomomi looked pleadingly at Sumire, but the youngest girl refused to even look at her. Her arms lay wrapped around her torso and her eyes refused to leave the ground. Tomomi could tell that Sumire thought the same way as Rina did.

“I can’t forget that. Mami could get really hurt--”

“You don’t think we don’t know that?” Rina said suddenly, cutting off Tomomi’s words. Tomomi was a bit surprised by the desperate tone that Rina had spoken in; it was so uncharacteristic for the young girl. She could see the tears shining in the younger girl’s eyes as she spoke. “We worry about what Mami’s mother could do to her every day, but there’s nothing we can do about it.”

“Of course there’s something we can do. We can tell someone.”

“Do you even know who Mami’s mother is?” This time, it was Sumire who had ended Tomomi’s words abruptly. Tomomi peered around Rina at the young brunette who was still staring intently at the ground.

“No, I don’t,” Tomomi answered. She could see Sumire’s eyes flick up to look at her, the tears shining in her eyes as well. Maybe it wasn’t the right choice to bring this up with them, but she thought any of the other girls would surely tell Mami if she had tried to bring it up with them. She could have just kept it to herself of course, but Tomomi knew it would drive her insane if she kept quiet about it.

“Her mother works for a high end company in Tokyo,” Sumire answered her back. “She’s well respected and well loved. She’s a powerful person.”

“Wait… What? That doesn’t… That doesn’t make any sense though.” It was the first thing Tomomi could think of to say when she had heard Sumire’s words. With the way Mami had always described her family and her home life, her mother working at such a place was the last thing she ever expected to hear. Then again, Tomomi also never thought she’d witness Mami being abused by her own mother. Anything was possible.

“It’s surprising, isn’t it? What with the way Mami talks and all, but it’s true,” Rina spoke up now. Tomomi could see Rina wipe a tear from her eye and the guilt began to grow in Tomomi’s body. It really was the wrong choice to bring this up; she hadn’t meant to hurt anyone.

“I know you may not believe it but think of it this way, would Rina and I have any reason to lie to you?” Sumire finished for Rina. Tomomi was beginning to get the hint that Sumire and Rina were taking turns talking probably because this wasn’t the easiest thing to talk about. “Mami doesn’t talk very highly of her own family and I think you can understand why. People are easily misled into thinking her mother works at a low end job or something. That’s what you thought, isn’t it?”

“Yeah…” Tomomi admitted, her head hanging. Tomomi had bought into Mami’s lies just as everyone else had.

“Tomomi, I know you want to help Mami but… There’s really nothing we can do. Her mother is so powerful; no one would ever believe us,” Rina brought up.

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