━ See you again.

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Taeyang was sitting on his bed, looking at the ceiling. He was tired, he didn't know what to do. After the departure from ToppDogg he changed a lot. He wasn't the same cheerful guy, he stopped laughing that much and all because of that guy. He missed him. Taeyang missed that guy so much. His face, his features, his gestures, his lips, him. He didn't leave the company, and it was harder than he thought. Taeyang had to avoid seeing him. He knew that the guy already moved on. He was happy with someone else, though the fact that Taeyang was broken - he was happy for him.

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❝ How long are you gonna stay like this? ❞
❝ What do you mean? ❞ Taeyang looked surprised at his manager. ❝ How long are you gonna stay like this? How long will you hide from him? How long will you avoid every contact with him? How long are you going to cry after him? He moved on, and it's time for you to do too. ❞ Taeyang huffed in annoyance, he knew that his manager was right, also the fact that it wouldn't change a thing if he stayed like this.
❝ Okay, and what should I do? ❞ he asked curiously.
❝ HUNUS is celebrating something today, let's go there, we'll have fun. ❞

.. ❝Fine.❞

He couldn't belive the fact that he accepted to go there. He knew Jiho would be there and he wasn't ready to see him, not now. But whatever, he had to deal with it right now. He choose his favourite shirt, some old jeans and his glasses.

He waited for his manager to pick him up, checking himself 192837 times in the mirror to see if he looks alright

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He waited for his manager to pick him up, checking himself 192837 times in the mirror to see if he looks alright.
When they arrived at the party, Taeyang took a deep breath before entering the building. He went side to side with his manager and smiled as he saw every member from his past band coming up to him. They hugged each other, they laughed and shared funny stories. But something was missing. Jiho wasn't there. Taeyang kinda hoped he would see him today, but it turned out that he couldn't.
Taeyang looked around as he felt his phone buzzing.

From unknown:

You look good with those glasses. I wish I could be there, laughing with you and the other members. I miss you. 】

He forgot how to breath for the next seconds. He knew that Jiho sent him the message and he somehow relaxed now, and texted him back.

To unknown:

【 I miss you too. 】

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{ 2016.12.18. }

I wrote this from boredom, I know my writing skills are horrible but don't judge me.

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