Chapter 2

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I was surprised that the old lamp was shining a blue color like the one in my dream. I shiver a bit, thinking how creepy it was. The lamp shined a blue color even if it doesn't have any electricity or even fire. There was dead silence between me and my family. My wife told me to bring the lamp out of the our bedroom since it creeps my wife a bit. I thought that I would put the lamp back to the basement, until I realized how strange the lamp was. There must be a reason why the lamp lights up itself. I placed the lamp on top of the coffee table and rush to my computer at my work room. I searched up information about the lamp, but found nothing, until I saw one search result. as I clicked it, it directed me to an Ebay website, with the item shown same as the lamp I found. I saw how how worth the lamp is, and it's very expensive. It costs around like 345$, which is pretty much two times bigger than my salary. From what I know, the person who sold the lamp is called SirMcleon. I tried researching on information about the lamp, and it was kinda hard. After hours of researching, I call it a night.

Since my wife didn't want the lamp in our bedroom, I decided to leave the lamp below my couch since it has a big empty space beneath it. It's the safest place to put the lamp for me. Since there's a lot of time before going to bed, I decided to paint. As you know, one of my favorite hobbies are painting. I've been painting since I was 8 years old. Thinking of that memory, I went to an old closet at my bedroom to find my first ever painting. I kept important stuff that brings memories on the old closet since I was kid. Every time I feel sad, angry, or scared of my future, I always look back at my memorable stuff. After searching for 10 minutes, I finally found my first painting. The painting shows a kid, which is me, a house and a tree. My first painting wasn't that good like the other kids, but I still have an aspiration of making paintings. As I look at my painting, I notice something that looks blue and small, which is somewhat familiar. 

Right when I was trying to think, I heard a click sound from the living room. I ran quickly into the living room to see whats happening. The lamp was shining a yellow color. I was kinda surprised, since the lamp doesn't even have an on and off switch, until I look closer around my surroundings. The TV was plugged inside the stop contact. Usually I unplug things that uses electricity when they aren't used at the moment. Right before I was going to unplug the TV power cable, I noticed water dripping from the ceiling. I looked back at the stop contact and realized that the it's area was wet. I felt relieved about that, since I would've got  electrocuted if i didn't notice that quickly. At the same time, I also thought about how and who plugged the TV. As I looked at the clock, it was already bed time. Time really flies fast I guess.

I prepared to go to bed after a long day. I decided to leave the lamp below the couch, since it was creeping us out. I tried thinking stuff that would prevent the dreams that I have experienced before. I began reading this article about Lucid Dreams on my phone, and it was pretty hard to do it. It also takes a lot of time to do Lucid Dreams. There were a lot of ways to do that, but none of them make sense, until I found an article that looks good and honest. After doing the procedure of Lucid Dreaming, I finally went to sleep. I was fully aware that I am dreaming, which is one of the effects of Lucid Dreaming. In case you don't know what Lucid Dreaming is, It's a state where you are fully aware about your dream and you can do literally anything in your dream. You can create everything you want in there.  I tried messing around with this ability, until I saw something wrong.

-To Be Continued

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