Family Confirmed Part 41

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18th December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

Finding out that Reid had other family out there was such a surprise for him. A happy one I think after hearing how alone he had been growing up, especially after his parents had been killed.

And for Joy and her family too. Within twenty four hours, an invitation had been made by Micah and Jilly for us to come up to see them for a visit and officially meet everyone that was there at the moment. Including his daughter Eddie who became a mother not too long ago which surprised everyone, including the new father as well.

But there was still a few doubts because of such a large age gap between Bobby Joifield and his sister Rebecca being the parents of both Joy and Reid. So we had an investigation started to look into it. First thing was getting DNA testing done along with having that female body exhumed and tested. Once that was done, we could go from there.

Until all of that was settled, we wanted to stay for a bit here and wait for Jen to come home with the girls. Joy also decided to stay a little longer with us as well. Joy had also been telling us about a party which their whole family attends in a couple of months in Armidale which everyone clears their calenders so they can all attend.

So Reid began to clear his own and so did I. Even Jack did and with Gran in tow, we made arrangements to fly over to Australia to a town called Armidale where we would meet the rest of Reid's family members. The young and old.

Joy being the oldest of course by this stage.

She had explained that her two oldest brothers were her half brothers and were in fact her dad's, Rons sons and not Bobby Joifields. It was a little confusing trying to understand all the information and looking through the old news reports from that time period as well as the news reports when the whole truth came out decades later helped to have us understand everything.

Reading through some of the letters Bobby Joifield had written to his 'Maggie' were also bittersweet as well.

But all that was a few months down the track when we were all over in Australia.

But for right now, we have to wait for the testing to be finished along with me having a few clients to see and Reid has his work to deal with. Along with the new arrivals coming home a week later, life went from being very calm to loud and proud as Jack calls it when he is proud to show off his new daughters to anyone who was close by. With the girls being very loud, it was hard to ignore them.

As it was, this weekend we were travelling across to the town of Bend to meet Micah and Jilly as family and not as business associates we have dealt with before. It's just a bit amazing that we have met up before, but didn't realize that there was a blood connection despite the there being some similarities with Micah and Reid and their sons.

Joy's daughter Jullianne who was still living in the Armidale district after meeting and marrying the son of one of the victims in that murder case in the fifties was all excited to find that there were other Joifield relatives. So it was going to be exciting to meet them all in a few months.

Since my back and legs were still a little 'iffy' from the gymnastics that Reid and I played in the unit the night before Joy arrived, I found it a little too painful to travel the distance over to Oregon despite it being not too far away by car. So Reid organized a flight for the three of us, handing in Joy's rental at the airport and the three of us taking a short flight after deciding when to go over.

We had landed at the airport a little over an hour later and had pulled up at the arrivals gate to see a tall man who eerily had very similar features with Reid after alighting from the plane where Joy left the plane first before us and waited at the bottom of the steps for Reid to help me alight.

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