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Pen Your Pride

Soul Eater Evans Lemon one shots

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~~Your Pov~~

Your (meister/weapon) knocked on Kids door. As usual, you guys were having a party and you were invited. Kid opened the door. "Hello girls, come in. (y/n) you're looking quite symmetrical tonight."

"Thanks Kid." You smiled, and walked over to the couch, taking your usual seat between Black*Star and Soul. "Hey, (y/n) Did ya miss me while you were on your mission?" Soul asked, laughing. Flashing that signature grin of his.
"WHY WOULD SHE MISS YOU, WHEN THERES A BIG STAR LIKE ME TO MISS! YAHOO" Black*Star said, shoveling food into his mouth.
You ruffled up both the boys hair. "Of course I missed you guys, you two are my fuckheads!" You chuckled. I mean, secretly you had a crush on Soul, but you couldn't tell him that. He's your best friend. You looked across the room and spotted Crona sitting with Maka "Oh, Heey Crona, Maka. how are you."
"Oh, Uhm. Hello (y/n). I'm good." Crona smiled

"No,  8, it has to be 8!" Kid cried.
"Fine, fine" Liz sighed. "Here (y/n) you go first."  You shoved your hand in the hat and quickly pulled out a sheet of paper. You unfolded it and It read the word 'Soul'
"Soul, I got you!" I looked at Soul as he smirked. Damn, that was hot.
"IN THE CLOSET WE GO!"  Black*Star laughed, dragging you and Soul by your arms.
"Black*Star, be more gentle" Tsubaki remarked.
"See you in 7 minutes." Maka chimmed in.
"NO 8!"

You looked at Soul. It was dark, but you could make out where he was. You felt an arm snake around your waist, and Soul's breath on your bare neck. 
"Hey, (y/n) just so you know, you're the coolest chick ever." he chuckled.
"Thanks So-" You were cut off by his lips on yours. You kissed back eagerly, not letting this moment go to waste. You grabbed Soul's neck and continued kissing, until he shoved you up against the cupboards side, making a loud 'thump' Then you heard Black*Star's loud voice
"Hey Soul, calm down. Don't bang her too hard. HAHAHA."
"(y/n), I've been waiting for the moment for a long time." Soul's voice now deep and filled with lust. he kissed your neck, searching for your sweet spot. Once he found it, He nibbled and kissed it, forming a hickey, and making you moan with pleasure. He broke away from you for a few seconds, but long enough to slip your shirt off. He proceeded to kiss your lips, licking them for entry. You tried to take charge, but Soul was too dominant. "Too bad (y/n), I'm the leader today." he chuckled, kneeding your breasts. He started to kiss your collarbone, one hand on your waist, the other unclipping your bra. 

~~Soul's Pov~~

I undid (y/n) bra, and it dropped to the floor. "wow" I muttered to myself.
"Like what you see Soul?" She said teasingly, before pulling off my shirt. She started kissing my scar. Making me moan. Everyone outside could most likely hear, but fuck it. She when to unzip my jeans, So I pinned her up against the wall again. I'm the dominant one. I smirked at her again before moving down and kissing her breasts.

~~Your Pov~~

You were pinned to the walls by be wrists. "Wow, I never knew Soul was like this." You thought to yourself. He kissed your breasts, making you moan again. Before long, he loosened the grip on one or your wrists, and slid his hand into your underwear. He started rubbing you. "You're so wet (y/n)" He whispered in your ear. You kiss him hard as he keeps rubbing.  You moan into the kiss. All of a sudden the door opens and a blinding light burns into your face.  "Times u- OH SHIT SOUL YOU ACTUALLY DID IT!" Black*Star yells
"FUCK OF BLACK*STAR, THATS SO UNCOOL MAN, WHY DIDNT YOU GIVE US ANY WARNING?" Soul cursed, slamming the door shut, but not moving from the position you were in for a few seconds. You bent over,
"Where the fuck are my clothes?" you questioned yourself. 
"Here, just put this on," Soul said, handing you his top, "It's gonna be off soon anyway. Plus, you get the privilage of wearing the tshirt of one of the coolest dudes around." He chuckled. You slid the top on, and stepped out of the closet hand in hand with Soul. 
"WAY TO GO SOUL. YAHOO" Black*Star yelled, slapping Soul on the back.
"Kid, we're using your room." Soul remarked.
"Whatever, I'm too cool for symmetry." Soul laughs, closing the door, and laying you down on the bed. "Now, where were we?" He smirked

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