Chapter 3: Probable Puppeteers

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"Beauty may be dangerous, but intelligence is lethal." ~ Unknown

"If I don't see that new shipment in my docks by tomorrow morning, I will personally cut you up into tiny fucking pieces and throw you into the sewers myself!"

Rob hardly winces at the bone-chilling threats that his boss throws onto those around him anymore. The only times he does wince, is when either Mike, Jack or himself are on the receiving end of said morbid threats. To speak of Two Face having a rampant temper is an understatement as large as saying that the Joker may be tad crazy. However, after hearing Eve's theory of Joker's sanity, that last understatement may not even be as much of an understatement as Rob originally thought.

"Keller, Mulder, Donovan, get your asses in here now."

"Looks like Harv is out to play tonight," Mike glumly observes, referring to the more crude half of Two Face whose violent tendencies more often than not result in one of them being beaten around a bit.

Jack snorts in dark amusement. "Nights like this make you miss Harvey."

They pass the near-quivering man whom had just been on the receiving end of Two Face's wrath as they forward into the office, not sparing the unfortunate individual a glance as they close the door behind them. Even though a couple chairs are pleasantly placed before him, facing his boss, Rob decides to remain firmly standing. Easier to bolt out of the office should Harv get too ill-tempered.

Harv – whose half-scowl half-smirk is always plastered on his scarred face when he's won the coin toss and is out to play – instantly slackens in exhaustion when he's left alone with his top three men. He's still terrifying and temperamental – he always is – but around Michael Donovan, Robert Mulder and Jackson Keller he's at his best, which, contrary to what others may believe, is something.

"When I find out who's behind this mob war, I'm gonna string out his fucking torture for months," Harv promises, running a hand through Harvey's dark, chestnut brown hair before dragging it haggardly down his half of their face.

"Figuring out who's pullin' on Maroni's strings may've just gotten a whole lot easier," Robert Mulder announces to his boss, swiftly tossing a slim file onto Two Face's desk.

Two Face stares cautiously at it out of the corner of his eye, his rigid, sharp jaw marginally unhinged to partially bare his teeth. "Care to enlighten me Mulder?"

"It's a file on a woman known as Evangeline Winter," Rob takes charge out of the trio of henchmen, dutifully disclosing "Mike, Jack and I met her at that cafe you took up on the edge of O'Reilly's turf, ya know, the one Maroni tried to snatch?"

"Yeah I remember, but what's some broad you idiots met at my cafe got to do with this mob war – a war which is becoming a royal pain in my ass," Two Face growls in questioning, his mood evidently souring by each passing moment.

Jack represses a flinch. "She was asking us what seemed like some innocent, sly questions, yet when she split the joint after gettin' a phone call, the cashier and barista informed us that she was also snoopin' around and askin' them questions about how Maroni tried to put up a protection racket in the joint, and how you swooped in and got them off the hook."

"So we did some digging and found some guy named Eduardo Garcia. In the history on his Face Book page, we found an image of her with him and a post about him bein' thrilled about her 'solving his case'. In our free time we gave the guy a visit, politely asked him a few questions and found out the gal's a private investigator," Mike concludes their somewhat productive discoveries. Well, in his opinion they're productive discoveries, considering how they've only had three days since their exchange with Evangeline and only pursued their suspicions of her between all the work their boss has thrown at them. Amidst all the crime and back stabbing resulting from the mafia feud, Mike's surprised they had any free time at all to get this done.

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