[bc] ii. jack frost nipping at your nose

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4 months after Indie and Harry's wedding

"What are you making?" Indie asked as she stepped out of her bedroom to find Robin at the counter with plenty of different bottles containing alcohol sprawled out around her. She yanked on the sleeves the deep shade of purple sweater she wore with a pair of suede boots pulled passed her knees as she took a seat on the bar stool.

"I'm calling it a Jack Frost cocktail," Robin hummed as she wet the edges of the glass with corn syrup, coating the edges in coconut before pouring the mixture into the small glass.

Indie hummed at the bright blue liquid that filled the glass, "What's in it?"

"Pineapple juice, curacao and vodka," she explained and set one in front of Indie. "What do you think?"

Indie brought the glass up to her lips, taking some of the coconut away from the rim before taking a sip of frozen liquid in it. She hummed at the sweet taste before setting it back down. "That's so good," she grinned. "You know Jack Frost is River's favorite Christmas movie."

"So I've been told," Robin laughed. "He won't stop talking about it."

"Won't stop talking about what?" River asked as he came into the shared living room and kitchen. He walked behind Robin and kissed her cheek, his eyes falling to the drink in front of Indie. "New invention?"

"Not new but thought I'd pull it out for you," Robin laughed. "Jack Frost inspired."

"Look at that," River grinned. "My girl knows my favorite Christmas movie," he kissed her quickly. "Have I told you how wonderful you are?" He asked.

"Not today," Robin grinned.

"You're wonderful," he kissed her once more.

"You are so freaking cute," Indie laughed as she offered River the glass. "It's really good."

River took it from Indie and brought it to his lips, he hummed at the taste. Another taste ensured that he enjoyed it before his lips curled up, "I'm not usually for sweet drinks but this isn't bad. Ind, you most love it. You love coconut."

"I didn't know that," Robin moved away from River to grab something from the fridge. "I have something to make for you in that case."

"Something special?" Indie grinned and hopped down from her seat as she wandered over to the stereo to turn the music up a tad bit louder. River pinched Robin's hip before walking over to Indie, taking her by the hand and twirling her, dancing her around their hardwood floor.

"Where's Harry?" He questioned.

"He went to get Gwen from the airport," Indie explained. "I'm sorry. It kind of sucks that I married the brother of your ex-girlfriend, doesn't it?"

"No, it'll be fine," he chuckled and dipped her. "I hope."

"It will be fine," Indie assured. "You worked it out at the wedding, didn't you?"

"Yeah, true," he nodded as there was a knock on the apartment door. Indie quickly moved out of River's grasp and pulled the door open to reveal Tina, Daniel, Clark and Liam.

"Tina!" Indie grasped loudly before tossing her arms around her best friend's neck. Tina laughed loudly as she wrapped her arms around Indie's back, her hands resting on her spine. "I've missed you so much, T."

"I've missed you too, Ind," Tina smiled as they walked in. Tina immediately went to wrap her arms around River in a hug, having not seen either of them for months. "River! How is my favorite rock star?"

"Not a rock star yet," River laughed. "Hey guys, come on in. You all remember Robin," he directed to the honey brunette in the kitchen finishing up the final touches of the drink. She grabbed the neck of the martini glass and walked over.

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