/chapter one/

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"Mommy, someday I'm going to become the best school student ever!" Willow thought as now she was lucky to get a high C in school. She was now 16 and she was never the smartest kid ever, but she tried her hardest and today was her first day she got a high B on her math test! The next day, Willow wore her casual style which was normally consisting of a dark color shirt or a band tee with black pants and always black shoes. She wore these clothes because she was depressed from her past childhood. People usually picked on her for her style except for one boy, his name was Seth. He never judged her which made her feel loved inside. She grabbed her black book bag and out walked out of her pitch white bedroom door and waited for the school bus to come. She blushed when Seth came to the bus stop as he stood next to her to wait for the bus as well. They actually lived across the street from each other. The bus finally came as Willow looked down at the ground. Seth sat next to her as they both went on their phones. They made it to school about seven minutes later. Willow walked to the doors to her school and as soon as she entered, people pointed her out and gave her nasty glares. She stared at Seth and he smiled. His brown eyes starring at her heart, his brown hair looking like an emo guys hair. It just killed Willow in a good way. The bell rang and she sat down in her first period class. Seth was also in all her classes and that made her feel protected. The teacher then said that they were going to do a project about places that could exists but you don't have scientific evidence that it does.

"Willow, you will be partners with Seth," Mrs. Green said as Willow looked at the front row and smiled at Seth. The bell rang as Seth walked up to Willow.  

"Hey Willow!"

"Hi Seth."

"Can we work on the project when we get home?"

"Yeah, that's fine." Seth smiled as they both walked to their next class which was math.


Seth knocked on Willow's door as she answered it as they both laid down on Willow's bed and thought for a long time without speaking.

"Seth!" she said loudly as Seth almost fell out of the bed.

"I got an idea!" Willow said.


"It's a land called 'someday.'

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