Same Person Different Views

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It was 9:30 p.m and a nigga was fully dressed and ready to go. This nigga Ace was gone come out with me whether he liked it or not. I wasn't playing with his ass nor was I taking no for an answer. I can't let my nigga go out like no punk over a female, I knew he really loved shorty but damn it's a million broads out there who would be glad to do the things she did for him. Besides I've missed the old days man me and Ace use to get all the hoes, but since Alexis put them handcuffs on his wrist a nigga been having to thug it out by hisself. Even though Ace was down, I was gone help my brother get back to the old him. We still young we don't need to be tied down anyways till we at least 40 or something he playing and shit.

I sped off in my all red Ferrari and went to this Nigga Ace house, I know his high yella ass betta be ready too cause I told this nigga to be ready at exactly 10:00 which was right around the corner. I knocked on his door and waited for an answer. Surely, Melody cute ass opened it up . I always thought shorty was fine, but she be acting like she don't want a nigga.

When she opened the door I couldn't help , but notice her breast. They were sitting just right and it had me thinking about a few things. I know she's my boy's sister and all but damn.

''What you want?'' she said cracking the door some.

I just laughed. ''Open the door shorty I'm here for ace and his ass better be ready.'' I said pushing the door open.

''Where y'all going T?''she said rolling her eyes.

''To the club why?'' I said with a smirk.

'' To the club? Uhhh T that's not what I meant when I said go talk to him and cheer him up. Ain't nothing at the club for a nigga in a relationship.'' She said shaking her head.

''Well, from my understanding my nigga is single. So therefore we gone go do single shit together.''I said shrugging my shoulders and laughing.

''Ugh, T you not shit for real. Taking him to the club won't solve nothing , it's gone only make shit worse.''She said pushing me some while I laughed.

''Maybe , maybe not shorty.'' She was exaggerating and shit she acting like it's the end of the world. Women so damn extra on me.

She just shook her head and walked upstairs. She had a real bad attitude problem, she just need some good dick that's all.


''What nigg?' he said walking down the stairs dressed and ready to go.

''My Nigga.'' I said with a smirk ''Come on B lets go get up on these hoes.''I was ready to fall up in some pussy.

He stopped on the stairs. ''Nah I ain't say nothing bout no hoes nigga. We just gone go out, roll one, have a couple drinks and chill. Nothing more nothing less T.''He said sounding like a whole Bitch.

I smacked my lips. ''Yeah, yeah , yeahwhatever B . Just come on damn.'' I said walking out his house.

''Mel I'm gone.''He hollered walking behind me.

We pulled up to output and it was lit as fuck like always. Everybody was waiting in the lines and shit, but not us I wish I would. Shit niggas knew to give me my respect around here. My name held weight like a motha fucka.

I dapped up my nigga Ronny who was body guarding the place as he let me and ace in. As soon as I walked in it was like heaven bad bitches everywhere I'm talking bout all kinds of hoes. It's been a minute since I fucked around too, this work shit been stressing my ass out So you already know what type of shit I was on tonight. I turned to ace and started laughing.

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