Pent up

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    Roman woke the next morning with a pit in his stomach. He couldn't get over the fact that he did what he did last night watching Seth and Dean go at it as relieve himself of his pent up sexual aggression. Grabbing his coffee mug he was startled when Seth come into the kitchen abruptly.

"Shit,you scared me".

Seth laughed jeez I guess it's about time for that cup of coffee".

"Yea I guess so".

Seth could see that Roman was uncomfortable  and didn't want to pry,so he went about his morning business  got his coffee for him and Dean and went back to Deans room.

       Seth entered the bedroom and set Deans coffee down as Dean made his way back from the bathroom.

"well that was interesting." Dean sat to the edge of the bed,

"what's that? " Seth blinked confused,

"I dunno,Romans acting sketchy."

Dean swigged his coffee,"oh shit....probably over last night,lemme see what's up ".

Dean got up walking to the kitchen, "morning".

Roman looked up  with a slight look of uncomfortable disgust,


Dean watching as Roman pulled a dish from the cupboard  starting his breakfast.

Dean just knew he was bothered about last night,so after minutes  of gawking and trying to see if Roman would speak,and nothing,he didn't say a word.

      Dean walked over cockily,"so big boy you gonna tell me what's running through that skull of yours?"

Roman jerked back,"WHAT?"

by the way Roman stepped back he could see That things weren't right and he could feel his guilt  pouring off of him.

"ooh so this is how its gonna be?" ...

"Dean let it go".

Dean came in closer,

"nooo....nooo that's not how this is gonna go down,you and I both  know that, so talk now or your not gonna hear the end of it".

Roman  bucked up full of fury,"GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE  DEAN".

Dean laughed, "aww big guy feel bad for spanking the monkey to two guys".

Roman growled and sent Dean flying into the microwave shattering the front of it.

       Dean worked his way back up to his feet,"what the fuck is your Deal?".....

"YOU...your my fuckin Deal,you never know how to shut up,and just let things go".

Dean picked plastic from his cut skin as Seth came running into  the kitchen,

"WTF, are you two insane?" And simultaneously  Dean said yes and Roman said "no".

"You two need to fuckin  stop, this is too much". Roman tossed a mug at Seth hitting the wall next to him,Seth ducked  and Dean got furious thrashing himself at Roman,the two of the pounded the shit out of each other destroying the kitchen.

Seth once again jumped up and hopped in between them trying to split them apart even with a tinge of bitterness with what Roman just did to him.

     Finally it got to a point the boys had nowhere to take this fight with the small vicinity as the kitchen.

Roman finally got to his feet and paced to the living room  nursing his busted lip and cut ear.

"why the fuck do you always prod  Ambrose,you never know when to shut up and leave shit alone".

Dean got up following him to the living room "look your the one that can't face the fact that last night turned you on and even made you cum to see two men fuck".

Roman cringed  and Seth let out a light gasp "Dean",

"what, it's true".

Roman grabbed his keys and made his way to the door, "fuck you both" and he left slamming the Door. Seth looked over at Dean as he was wiping blood from his eye brow and still picking plastic from his skin,

"why would you say that?"...

"cuz it's true,it took me forever to get over my feelings and here I see where you were with me...I was stupid and crazy about the whole thing and I see it now". Seth could see the concern in Deans face  but was worried about Roman. Seth made his way back to the kitchen to clean up. He and Dean discussed the situation and knew they just had to let Roman be and blow off steam.

        Four hours had passed and the sound of the door had echoed with a click.

Seth and Dean had looked at each other not knowing what to do,so they sat waiting to hear anything from Roman.

After a few min Dean got up taking his dirty dishes to the kitchen.

Roman caught a glimpse out of the corner of his eye, he ignored Dean and didn't say a word.

Finally after the deep set linger of silence, Roman got the balls to say something,"are you alright?

Dean swung around  with a shitty grin,"besides the fact I now have more scars from you than I do the ring ,I'm peachy".

Roman rolled his eyes,"look I'm sorry I was pissed and confused alright?"

Dean leaned back to the table,"oh so thats it,im supposed to just forgive you,and let it all go?" 

Roman got up "look I'm fuckin apologizing alright,it was wrong of me to react that way,I mean  you and Seth choose to do this that's on you guys but this isn't me,its not my thing ".

         Dean walked over closer to Roman  face to face "you sure enjoyed yourself".

Seth heard the conversation and kicked into safety mode,"dean.....let it go ".

Dean and Roman looked at him and back at each other "hmf".

"look this is all you guys,and im fine with that,but as for me,this just isn't me I gotta just let this go Roman stated

"Look if you think this was a ploy to get you to join us your wrong,I think we're pretty happy with us  being just  us,it was just fun,that's all,and nothing leaves this house  so you don't have to worry alright?"

Roman paused and agreed,"alright....just do me a favor just keep it to yourselves I don't need the temptation and don't keep bringing it up"

Dean smiled..."sure thing shlongzilla"

Roman huffed" fuck you Ambrose "..  .from that day relationships and bonds were made  and these boys knew just where they stand with each other and they wouldn't have had it any other way.

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