Chapter 9

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I woke up not remembering much about last night. I remember dancing and drinking, that's about it.

I looked around and realized I wasn't in my bed. I wasn't in my room. I wasn't in my house. I turned my head to see a guy laying beside me. I looked under the covers and saw that both of us were naked.

•in my head•

What the fuck did I do last night?

The guy turned over and when I saw his face, my jaw dropped. It was Blake Griffin. Shit.

•in my head•

Briana, you slut. You fucked an athlete, now you're a groupie. Way to fucking go!

I remember talking to him and dancing with him, but I don't remember coming home with him. Was I that drunk last night?

I got up and put on my dress. I got my purse & shoes, then quietly went down the stairs. When I got outside, I called a cab.

When the cab got there, I got in an dropped my head in shame.

"Hey! You know Blake Griffin lives here," the driver said.

•in my head•

Obviously I know that, or else I wouldn't be leaving his fucking house, now would I?

I just looked down at my phone to ignore the obvious.

When the driver pulled up in my driveway, I paid him and got out. I moved slowly because I dreaded seeing my sisters' faces.

Right when I was about to open the door, I noticed a sign that said, "International House of Twerking."

"What the fuck," I thought out loud.

I walked in and saw Octavia & Demia sprawled out on the floor. I laughed silently, then went to my room. I immediately took a shower and brushed my teeth.

When I walked out of the bathroom, they were up.

"Um hey yall," I said slowly.

"Hey," they both said groggily.

"What the hell happened last night?" I asked sitting on the couch.

"I don't even know. I remember dancing with a guy. I remember Octavia trying to bring a girl home and I remember drinking. Obviously," Demia explained.

"Okay, but what's with the 'International House of Twerking' sign outside?" I asked laughing.

"We weren't exactly ready to 'turn down' when we got in last night, so we invited some people over," Octavia said.

"Then Octavia's dumb ass went and made that stupid ass sign. Shit don't even make sense!" Demia yelled as she threw her forehead on the floor.

I laughed because clearly that sign pissed her off for some reason.


"OH, and I remember you leaving the club with some guy," Demia interrupted as she winked at me.


"How'd you see me? I thought yall left?"

"Nope, we saw you. He was fine though, who was that?" she asked.

I looked away in embarrassment. I fuck up a lot, but this is one of my many fuck ups I am not okay with.

"It was uh...Bl-Blake Griffin."

They both just stared at me with their mouths open.


•in my head•

No, Blake Griffin the astronaut.

I but my lip in embarrassment and nodded my head.

They both smiled real big, but I didn't understand why.

"No no stop smiling! This isn't good," I yelled.

I honestly didn't want them to think I was proud of this. I felt like a whore.

"I can't believe you hooked up with him," Demia said smiling.

"How about we just let it go," I said with a half fake, half sincere smile.

I got up so I could get dressed.

"Yeah, but-"

"Let it go bitches!" I screamed from my room.

I got dressed so I could sign in at camp, but I got a better idea when I was finding something to wear. I put on mint green studded shorts, a white crop top with white Keds. I grabbed my phone and walked out of my room.

"Where you goin'?" Octavia asked.

"To see Caroline at the dance studio."

"I thought you were suppos-"

"I'm not going. Why waste my time being somewhere I don't wanna be all summer, when I could be dancing all summer," I said.

"True. Hey, where's your necklace?" she asked.

I reached for my neck, but no necklace. My aunt gave it to me before she died and I cherished it. Everyone knows I never take it off, so it was kind of a big deal.

My eyes got wide when I realized where it was.

•in my head•

Fuck my life!

"I know where it is," I said sounding a little depressed.


"Blake Griffin's house."


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