Yes or no

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Hoseok's POV

I walked back home, starting to rethink all my life decisions....
Well, Taehyung's hot, I got to admit.....All of them are fricking hot...

And I can't deny the fact that I like males.... but I can't also deny that I'm actually asexual. Nobody will accept me either way. Just like how my parents didn't. But it's not like they're here anyway.

My depressed side started to kick in.... I'd probably already be dead, but I don't have a gun. Sorry that you have to hear all this shit.
I already thought about drowning, jumping, cutting too deep, but I'm more afraid of failing than succeeding. Well...I want to succeed.

It doesn't really help that my house have razors in it. I can't help but give into the temptation. And the worst part is that cutting fucking works. I am always trying to find something to hold on, a reason for me to live. The problem is, is that if I hold on too much, I get more hurt when I lose it.

I go to the bathroom and open the cabinet connected to my broken mirror. The broken mirror just shows how much I hate myself, but on to the next scene... I just look at my medication. And I know you'll probably laugh at me or something because I have manic depression. Another way to put it is that I'm bipolar.

Stupid right?

I probably can't trust anyone for now... but I think I'm taking a liking to them, maybe.


Today I arrived to school early because I couldn't go to sleep. Before I could even step a foot into the school, a girl came up to me.

"You think you can just hang out with BTS?"
Who is BTS?
" Well you know what, you don't deserve them. You're just an ugly piece of trash. You're nothing compared to them!"
*sorry, I secretly love you J-hope*

I ignored her but she ruined my self-esteem... if I even have one. That broke my heart, and she was probably right. I don't deserve to hang around them (figured out who BTS was, after an hour), and I'm so hideous.... I guess that's why my parents hated me.

I guess today I'll relapse... and I was doing so well. ( relapse in cutting, sorry if you're triggered)
Maybe I should say no from the offer Namjoon gave me...

Jungkook's POV

Today, school was boring as usual. But something was off. Hoseok didn't smile once. Although he's pretty shy, he always smiled...especially when I look at him. Is it fake? Maybe.

"Did you think about the offer?"

Hoseok's POV

Jungkook asked me the striking question...and he was smiling. I didn't want him to be disappointed because I said no. I guess I can't back out.

"Sure, I'll do it." Kook started to get hyper and was going crazy. He started telling Tae but I was worried about the girl. If one girl hated me, then there is obviously more. But instead of worrying too much, I just stood there. Smiling, looking at the friendship between Kook and Tae.... When did I think of these nicknames?

Oh yeah, a couple of sentences ago.

Both Tae and Kook dragged me to the host club, and they both gave each other weird looks. But either way, they brought me to music room 3.

Once we entered, Jin started to lecture us about being late and all that jazz. Yippee.

Yoongi was sleeping, I guess that's a normal thing, and Joon was.....dancing?
Before I knew it, Jimin got up in my face, threatening me about Kook...... and Tae.

Sooner or later, that girl came in and started glaring while I felt the blood from my fresh cuts slowly seeping out. I looked away, just seeing Yoongi and Tae sleeping otp!

Then there's Jimin and Kook... and Joon and Jin!.... And I shall be forever alone. I'll just be the back up friend, I guess.

Jimin's POV

Why was I threatening Hoseok? I don't even have feelings for Jungkook and Taehyung. Something's wrong with me....Maybe I was lying about not liking Jungkook... no one can TouCh HiM! *Yandere alert*

Seokjin's POV

I gathered all my children and made them sit criss cross apple sauce. Announcing that we were going on a vacation to the beach actually left a look of horror on Hoseok's face.

I care for everyone, and I needed to know what was going on....

"Tae! Come to mama!"
"V is alerted!"
"Whisper whisper whisper whisper stalk him whisper whisper whisper"

Maybe I'm taking extreme measures....nah.

Hoseok's POV

"We're going to go to the beach this coming weekend, and Hoseok, you are definitely coming. You're now part of the family...." he really is like a mother

FML.... stupid beach and short sleeved shirts....(but sleeveless Hoseok is the best Hoseok)

I have to make an excuse.

After Tae talked to Jin, which looked like it was a very important conversation, I walked over to Jin.
"Um.... I kind of have a family thing this weekend, and it really can't be cancelled. Can I be excused?"

Dammit. It sounds like he's my teacher.

He first gives me an 'are you serious' look, but then nods his head.
Thank god.


I guess I'm not popular because no one requested me... but Kook and Yoongi kept me company.
Well, Kook also brought a tornado of girls and Yoongi just slept near me.

Yeah, I have no life.... I wish I didn't. Stupid Hoseok, don't think that!

Tae's POV

I looked at all the files I had about Hoseok. 3/4 of them were blank cause I wanted myself to feel like I was a professional, but I still had some information.

At first I was going to stalk him.... but I have my resources
Mwaahahahahha *cough cough* hahahahah

Name: Jung Hoseok
Parents: deceased

That's it? That's all my resources told me?
At least I know that he doesn't have a family thing on the weekend.
How do I know about that might you ask?

Well.... I have my resourc-asdfghjkl
Sorry, excuse my manners....

I hate you
But I know you love me
I do but I don't want you to get hurt
But we can be together
Yeah, but not for long

V has now completed his acting session.

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