Harry and Louis have been friends since kindergarten. Now they are 17 and in there last year of high school. Along the way the met many friends such as there lepercaun friend Nall there daddy Liam and good looking Zayn. This is the story on how all their lifes change.

Louis was watching tv when I got a text from zayn

Zayn: party my house 9:00

Louis replied instantly

Louis: ok see you there

When 8:30 rolled around Louis started the get dress. He put on a white shirt with a sweater and his black Vans." Bye mum I going over to Zayns" " Ok" his mum called back.

Louis got in his car and drove to Zayns. When he got to zayns there was music blaring through the speakers and lights turned on all over the house. When he found a parking spot he went inside the house.

When he got in he instantly spot harry and niall." Hey guys" Louis said." Sup " " hello" Niall and Harry replied.

" You want anything to drink" Harry asked "Sure" Louis replied. Harry cam back a couple minutes later with three beers.

Let's just say seven beers later harryy Louis and Niall were drunk and not regular drunk but drunk drunk.

" Hi Louis" harry slurred " hi " Louis giggled "Can't I tell you something" harry slurred "yes" Louis said." I love you" " me too". After that harry and Louis were in a deep makeout session. The last thing Louis remembers is having sex with harry.

[ a/n] sorry if this crappy but this is my first book and mpreg so bear with me

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