Chapter 7

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~Cato's POV~

     I woke up to buzzing and Clove screaming. What was going on?    Marvel was running to the lake, so Clove and I followed. I just realized that they were tracker jackers, deadly capital mutations that can kill you on the spot.
     Marvel and I didn't get stung, but Clove was stung horrible. I thought she wasn't going to make it. Marvel and I had to drag her into the lake, she was screaming her head off, it must be the hulcinations.
     "Cato... Cato... Cato!" Clove screamed, "I can't see!"
     "Clove I'm right here," I told her. "I'm not going to leave you."
     Marvel just sat there watching us; smiling. Why was he doing that?
     "Caaatttooo!" Clove screeched.
     "Clover I'm right here, you're fine," I said.
     After 15 minutes of Clove screaming, she finally settled down and went to sleep. I laid her head down in my lap and stroked her hair. I didn't care what the Capitol saw anymore.
     "You love her," Marvel said. "I thought it was just an act like with Glimmer, but you really do love her."
    "I always have," I said. "She thinks that the first time I ever saw her was at the academy before the reaping, but when I was 9 years old I saw her walking home, I thought she was prettiest girl in the world."

I just poured my heart out to a person I'm probably going to have to kill.

     "I always thought you did this for publicity, but it's real, it's true love Cato," Marvel told me.
    Clove shot up and started screaming, "Cato!"
    "It's okay Clove, I'm right here," I whispered.
     Marvel smiled, "Too bad someone's going to die."
    I laid Clove on the ground and attacked him, "Too bad you're going to die."
    "Cato," it was Clove, "please stop."
     I released him and walked back over to Clove and sat down beside her.
    "Do you want to go back to camp?" Clove whispered in my ear.
    I just nodded my head in agreement, we all stood up, got our things, and made our way back to camp without Glimmer.

Glimmer was gone, she was dead.

    I couldn't help but smile at the thought.
    "What's so funny?" Clove asked me.
    "Glimmer's gone," I said beaming.
   All three of us started laughing at that. None of us liked Glimmer, that was a fact.
    "What  happened to Loverboy?" Clove asked.
    "I slashed him with my sword when we were running from the tracker jackers," I said. "He was trying to help Firegirl."
    "Did he die?" Clove asked with an evil smile.
    "I think he's dying," Marvel said. "He limped away, and Firegirl got stung a bunch, so I'm not sure about her."
    When we made it back to camp, District 3 was guarding our things. I guess he hasn't died yet.
    "Where have you guys been?" he asked.
    "Long story," Clove explained, "but Ridelle and Glimmer are dead."
    "Good, I honestly didn't like them," he said.

I like this guy. Lets just hope he doesn't do anything stupid that requires me to kill him.

    We were going to get something to eat when we saw smoke in the distance. Who could be stupid enough to start a fire after everything that has happened? We took off, leaving District 3 to watch the pyramid.
    Another fire started in the other direction, Marvel went to check that out. Clove and I went to check out the first one, no one was there.
    "It's a trap," Clove said. "We have to go get Marvel."


    That wasn't a canon, that was an explosion.
    "Our things!" I yelled at Clove.
    We ran towards our camp site, there was nothing there but rubble and ash.
    I walked over to District 3, I grabbed his head and snapped his neck.


    That was his canon.
    Clove and I heard two more canons go off. Was that Marvel?
    He wouldn't be able to kill two tributes by himself. Did someone kill him and he killed someone else?
    Clove and I made our way through the forest until we saw two hovercrafts, one for Rue and one for Marvel.
     Clove didn't seem too fazed that he was dead, I mean he did try to kill her.
    We set up a new camp by the lake with the little supplies we had left. It was just Clove and I.
    "Clove, I'm going to tell you something that I've needed to get off of my chest for a while," I told her.
    "Yes?" Clove said with a concerned look.
    "...I love you Clover," I whispered.
    She had tears in her eyes, "I love you too Cato."
    And with that, we both fell asleep in each others arms even though it was in the middle of the afternoon.
    We woke up to Claudius  Temple's voice booming in the arena,"Attention tributes, there has been a slight rule change... two tributes may be crowned victors if they both originate from the same district, this will be the only rule change."
    "Clover, we get to go home," I told her.
    She smiled up at me, "Love you Cato."
    "I love you too Clover," I said with a smile.
    I threw her over my shoulders, even though she was kicking and screaming. I spun her around and then threw her into the lake, she was furious but then started laughing like a crazy person. A parachute came down, I opened it and inside was a few water guns. Sometimes careers receive things they don't necessarily need, just things they want.
    Clove grabbed a water gun and filled it up with water then shooting me, making me soaking wet. She then pulled my ankles, dragging me into the water with her. We played for almost 2 hours until it got darker, then we had to go to sleep.
    Right before we fell asleep, we heard Claudius Temple's voice say,"There will be feast tomorrow starting at dawn, you all need something desperately and it will be in you bag that has your district number, for some of you it will be your last chance."
    "We need to get some sleep so we can win this thing tomorrow," Clove told me.
    We had one tent left, so we set it up. Clove snuggled up on my chest and was shivering.
    "You're cold," I told Clove.
    "I'm fine," she said her teeth chattering.
    "Clove, quit being frustrating," I said giving her a blanket.
    The game makers must be trying to freeze us to death because the temperature just dropped almost 20 degrees, and it didn't help that we just went swimming in a freezing cold lake.
    Clove and I were right on top of each other, snuggling. I wouldn't let go of her, in fear of her going away.
    We woke up around 2am and we started to make our way to the cornucopia.
    "Clove you run and get the bag and I will stay back here just incase Thresh is near," I told her.
    She nodded her head in agreement and took off towards the cornucopia.
    Firegirl ran out at the same time as Clove. Clove then saw her and threw her knife cutting her across the face. I got ready just incase something was to happen.
    Clove pinned Firegirl to the ground. We've got her now.

~Clove's POV~

    "Where's Loverboy?" I asked Katniss. "Oh I see you were going to help him, that's sweet, but I promised Cato that if I was going to kill you, I would have to give the audience a good show."         
    She struggled more and more, but I kept her on the ground, "What your little friend's name?"  I teased. "Rue? Yeah, well we killed her."
    I was suddenly lifted into the air by something.
    "You killed her?" the voice spat.


    "No-n-no I didn't kill her," I stuttered.
    "I heard you say her name," Thresh spat at me.
    "Cato!" I screamed, "Cato!"
    I knew I was a goner.
    "Clove!" I heard Cato shout.
    Cato ran up behind Thresh and stabbed him in the back, making him drop me to the ground, hitting with a loud THUD.
    I heard Thresh's canon go off, he was dead.
    Katniss escaped and ran back into the forest to probably find her Loverboy.
    "Clove," Cato whispered, "are you okay?"
    "I'm fine," I reassured him.
    Katniss, Loverboy, and Finch from 5 are the only ones left, we may win this thing.
    Cato and I started walking back to our camp when Cato stopped suddenly.
    "What is it?" I asked him.
    He took off without answering my question, stabbing something in the distance.


    Someone's canon went off. It was the girl Finch, from 5.
    "2 more to go," I told Cato.
    He just looked at me and smiled, then he kissed me.
    We walked back to camp, opening up our pack; inside was some food, some thick blankets, and a change of clothes. Just what we needed.
    Cato and I both changed our clothes in the tent, being afraid to change in front of millions of people from Panem.

    Cato and I had just started to fall asleep when we heard the growling. It's the finale.
    Cato and I grabbed our stuff, running for our lives. Capitol mutations were chasing us, trying to rip us apart.
    We made it to the cornucopia, climbed to the top, and fought for our lives.
    I saw Firegirl and Loverboy emerging from the woods, so I threw my knives at them in hope of hitting them.
    I hit Loverboy right in the head.
    I heard his canon sound and Katniss screaming his name.
    While Firegirl was bending down tending to a dead Peeta, I took my chance and threw my last knife at her back.

I heard her canon sound.

    "Attention tributes, the rule change regarding two tributes may win if they originated from the same district, has been revoked," Claudius Temple's voice boomed. "May the odds be ever in your favor."
    "Cato give me your sword," I commanded.
    "Clove I will not let you kill yourself for me," Cato said.
    "Cato you deserve to win, give me your sword," I said.
    Cato picked up his sword and threw it all the way across the arena, "I will not let you kill yourself for me."
    He grabbed my waist and pulled her into a gentle kiss, we did that for what felt like hours.
    I pulled away, "Cato don't give them what they want."
    "What do you mean Clover?" he asked.
    "What if we both die, then nobody wins," I suggested.
    "Okay," he managed, "I love you Clove Kentwell."
    "I love you too Cato Hadley," I said tearing up.

    The mutts ran away, I'm guessing the game makers were pleased on how that turned out.
    We walk into the cornucopia, and found two spears. I picked one up and aimed it at my stomach, Cato did the same.
    "I love you," Cato said crying.
    "I love you too," I said crying even harder.
    As soon as we were about to drive the spears threw our stomach, we heard Claudius Temple's voice again, "Stop! May I present to you, the winners of the 74th Annual Hunger Games, Cato Hadley and Clove Kentwell!"
    Cato picked me up and spun me around whispering into my ear, "I love you more than anyone and everyone."
    This made me laugh and cry at the same time, "I love you more than anyone and everyone too."
    A hovercraft came to pick us up, we sat downed together and just smiled.
    Cato gets to see his sister, and I get to see mine. Everything will be better; everything will be perfect.

A/N: This is not the end of Clato, I'm making a couple other stories that will spin off of this. This is my first story, I know it isn't great but I will get better.

    Look out for my next story... Thank you everyone who read this!

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