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I promised her na magbabakasyon muna kami. I want to give her a break from work. Kagagaling lang namin sa OB-gyne niya kanina and we both confirmed na buntis na nga talaga siya. I can’t explain how happy I am when her OB-gyne started to ultrasound her and we saw small heart-beating from within her stomach. Sa tuwa ko hinalikan ko siya.

Nakasakay lang kami sa limo ko. Kakalapag lang din kase ng jet namin. Sa boracay kase kami magbabakasyon saglit. Syempre with PSGs ko. Hindi niya na din naman pinasama yung mga PSGs niya. Saka isa pa, si Jims na mismo ang nagoffer na sila na daw magbabantay sa amin ni hon.

Syempre, as usual, nakasara pa din ang privacy screen and the intercom as well so malaya naming gagawin ang gugustuhin namin.

Habang nakaandar ang sasakyan, her hand is resting on my thigh, napalingon ako sa kanya and she’s smiling. She started to unbuckle my belt, unclenched the button and started to zip down the zipper. Pinasok niya ang kamay niya sa boxers ko at napapikit ko ang mga mata ko and I gasped in pleasure. Hon began to worry and tease the velvety head of my length with her elegant fingers. She grip my rod and began to move her hand up and down, that when she goes up, her light-callused circling hand touches my round sensitive mushroom head’s lining, and whenever she goes down, she’s merely stretching my shaft that in reaction napapaelevate ko ang baba ko.

My feet in my dark socks were still locked discreetly around one of her ankles; a delicate bare sole is pressed against my instep, exciting me even more than her pretty toes, which were curling softly as she caressed my foot lazily with hers.

Tinignan ko ulet siya, she enjoyed playing my very man.

“You’re becoming naughty now?” I gasped after I said those words.

“Yes…”, said her like teasing me. “Do you like it?” she asked.

I moaned, “Oh, you never knew how much”, I said and broke my moaning for a while to kiss her.

I feel awesome. It’s not like we’re the only couple on the earth having this kind of mood. After all, everything has to be different from now on. She’s pregnant.

For the first time in my life, I’m gonna take care for someone whom I passionately love and the one who conceives my first child. I promised I will take good care of them both. I am the luckiest man I consider living on this world for my lover is gloriously and healthily pregnant, already in her first week.

I am so proud of her, and not only on account of her exotic sexual features and her pornographic curves, considering she’s a model; she had been always perfect to me. As far everything goes, we haven’t been into such chaos. Not just relating chaos within our relationship but chaos to others as well.

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