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I drifted slowly to wakefulness, nestled in my lover’s warm embrace. Listening to his slow and even breathing, I relished the peace and comfort of simply lying beside him.

We’re in his room now and it’s already 15 minutes past 12.

Our clothes were all stripped. Magkasama kase kaming nagnight bath kanina.

Habang pinagmamasdan ko siya, ang daming lumalarong bagay sa isipan ko. I want our relationship be publicized but he refused. I think the only way to realize that is to reconcile him with his parents. Pero ayokong mangialam sa matter nila ng parents niya. I’m not his God na dapat niyang sundin. Pero yun lang ang gusto kong mangyari sa ngayon.

Pinagmamasdan ko lang siya ng maigi.

But soon, that was not enough. Turning onto my hip, I propped my head on my fist so that I could study him at my leisure.

Even in sleep, his face held the strength and determination I admired. Lightly, I traced my fingertip over his arching brows, along his jawline, and across his dangerous lips, rendered temporarily safe by sleep. His lips parted slightly, releasing a tiny sigh.

How I wish na ako sana ang naging first niya. I’m so down knowing the fact that he had so many experiences already, down by the fact that others have taste his hardness and mere love as well. Which is why, I wanted to be his last. Para pagmamay-ari ko na siya. I’m so acting irrational, but even though that doesn’t sounds right, for me, it’s so right that any callings and errands humans run onto this world. I love him and I’ll love him always. That didn’t take so long for me to realize. Time is no importance with our relationship.

I slid my finger along the open seam of hon’s lips, pressing lightly, until he pulled my finger into his mouth. He sucked gently, sparking a heat deep within me as my body remembered how he’d suckled and feasted my lips and inside it, my tongue.

I smiled just by looking to what he’s doing. Para siyang bata, so carefree.

I tugged my finger free, earning a soft protest from my sleeping lover. His head turned, trying to recapture his prize. Hinahanap hanap niya ang daliri ko. I smiled again. Kaya nga everytime I’m with him, he always makes me build my orgasm up ten folds than usual from everything he’s acting and doing.

Parang magigising na siya sa ginagawa niya. so I need to calm him down.

“Hush, now. Be still,” I whispered, stroking his thick wavy hair until he subsided.

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