The Steel Strength Of Us. Part 40

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17th December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

Well then! This morning was a bit of a surprise. A big surprise at that with Joy knowing my patient Cole Payne.

It cut a long story short. His parents, when his father Mark Payne was alive, had gone on a holiday and Molly met one of her previous co workers and his wife who was known as the Colonel. The Colonel had saved all their lives.

But she had been severely and critically injured when they all came under fire which necessitated assistance being flown in to extract them out. The Colonel was the team leader who went in and got them all safely out. But not without cost. It cost her an arm and a leg along with massive scarring.

It took alot of unknown strength to pull her through and for her to survive. Molly and Mark met them on Hyamen Island, off the Australian coast some years and quite a few kids later.

The Colonel's name was Letty and her husband was Rhys Thoms. Joy's adopted grandson.

When Rhys and Letty visited the States due to them having family over here, they made it an aim to pop in to see Mark and Molly. On a few of those occasions, Joy and her husband John accompanied them. They became honorary grandparents to the Payne children and after Mark's death and when Molly married Jack, the frienship continued and the following children from Molly's marriage to Jack also became adopted grandchildren as well.

So Cole was very familiar with who Dr Joy Thoms was.

Needless to say, before the end of the day, Coles mother was entering the center with steely detrmination accompanied by the man who married her a few years after Mark's unfortunate and accidental death.

She walked into that center like a soldier on a mission. An enraged mother on a mission. I know that look. I've seen it on both the Judge's face as well as Jessica Todd's when they both look at me a few times. I think I pitied Cole when she arrived.

I don't think the young man will have any need of my services at all after seeing his mother in action. I was trying not to laugh as he tried to get away from her as she started slapping him with a facewasher that was laying on the table near his bed.

Then there were the strange looks that Reid was still giving Joy. He didn't stop either and it was beginning to unsettle both of us. I had to call him on it at one point when it was making everyone uncomfortable.

" All right. What the hell is it? It's driving both Joy and me to frustration with the way you keep staring at her. So what is it?" I snapped at him as we were having a cup of tea down in the cafeteria.

"I'm not sure. I just have a feeling that I know her from somewhere and can't remember where and it's driving me nuts. It really is. I can't help it. But so help me it is really driving me nuts for some reason." He said in a really frustrated voice as he brushed a hand through his hair.

" Why don't we have Joy visit with us up at your place for a few days and maybe it will come to you." I suggested to him which had him nodding at me.

" Yeah. Hopefully. It's like I have met her before somewhere." He ended up saying to me as he finished his coffee.

That afternoon, Molly made arrangements for Cole to be transferred back to a center closer to their home in Kentucky where she will keep an eye on him. Which I'm fairly sure she will. Then we asked Joy if she would like to come home with us for a few days before heading back over to visit her family again over in bend in the next state to the west of us.

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