The band

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(Sorry, but Junghope is one of my favorite ships.... but Hoseok is so shippable.... Aghghghghghghgh....asdhfhjasdg)

Hoseok's POV

Sooner or later, Taehyung saw me...but what was he even doing here? Oh wait, this is school.

He started to drag me away, wow, how strong is he.... cause I weigh a ton.

Taehyung's POV

Why is he so light? It's like I could break him in half if I could.... I could.....maybe.......mwahahahahahahahah

Maybe, he's a she? Or..... *le gasp* he's a girl!

But his features screams out boy...and his jawline..... asdfghjkl

Hoseok's POV

We finally reached a really grand door....what a waste of money. It doesn't even match with the inside color.....when did I become a fashionista?

Walking in, there were already a bunch of girls sitting around, and more boys I might forget the names of.
Jungkook saw me, and his eyes brightened.
Running over, he smiled his cute smile and brought me to a very familiar guy....

"Mommy! I brought a boy to be my friend.... and he is also a scholarship student! Can we keep him? Can we?"

What an interesting relationship.

"Sure, why not." Daheck....he agreed? "Oh, we met before. My name's Jin."
"YO Princess... Have you seen no jams?"
A boy with the cutest dimples called out.
Suddenly a shout was heard from the child boy,"I have jams!"
Oh, so he's Jimin.

"Shut up!" A sleeping guy yelled. All the girls around him were screeching and saying he was a 'bad boy'. This school's messed up.

Jungkook got my attention by dragging me to the table of a bajillion girls.... so he's popular, I assume.
For some reason, Jungkook actually frowned for some odd reason, but he soon covered it up when he saw me looking at him.

Why would he frown? I probably weigh too much. Then I felt an arm around me, and so many girls started saying 'moe'. Seriously, who runs this school.

"My dad." Replied dimple face.
My face burned red, "I said that out loud?"
He just introduced himself and added a comment making my face burn even more, " cute ( like how he said about Jimin, I'm also talking about Jackson)."

Finally, someone introduced me to the sleeping guy, saying his name was Yoongi.
Wow, really pale. He looked at me and forced a gummy smile. Although everyone swooned over this, I wish I could make him smile for real.

Namjoon asked,"would you like to join us," scratching his neck,"cause, we're a band, and all scholarship students. It'd be nice if you can come with us. This club is about being hosts for the girls to pay for our instruments and equipments."

I was struck....they're all scholarship students? They're in a band? Hosts? But I'm not good at anything.

Instead of me answering, Jungkook comforted me saying it was my choice. He started to try and rubbed my back and I was too tired to think.... at all.

Yoongi noticed this and threw a blanket at me, "Use it."

But I used it anyway. ( sorry if the characteristics of the members are not they're real characteristics)
I don't even know why I didn't go to my house or anything (*maybe because this is a fanfic*)

It was so cozy, and smelled nice.

Yoongi's POV

I threw the blanket on him. It looked like he needed it more than me.
He started to snuggle in and was so adorable.


Hoseok started to wake up and rubbed his eyes.
It was like he was a kid, in the most adorable way. He began to apologize but everyone said that it was time to leave anyway. He gave me my blanket back and it smelled like him.
It smelled nice.

Jungkook's POV

I wish I could've snuggled with him. Only if I was the blanket ( and I say I want to be their water bottles).
Even when he woke up, I just wanted to spend time with him....and he looked like a child, just rubbing his eyes like that.
(Namjoon- you're a baby)

Hoseok's POV

What the f.uck are they looking at? 😑

Seriously, what's with their faces.

Taehyung's POV

I shall find out. V always finds out. The question......what is Hoseo-...who is Hoseok a gir-....I will find out something that is about Hoseok.
I am the new detective in town, and I shall overcome thee.....Oh ROmeo Oh ROmeo, where art thou.....what?

SOrry if this chapter was boring.... I just needed to introduce everybody

Hoseok-that's the worst excuse you could use

F u

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