Maybe Moving On

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I spent my whole night crying my eyes out. Yesterday still seemed so unreal and I didn't expect for all of that shit to happen with Ace and the fact that he's blaming me just pissed me off even more. I was mad, sad, and disappointed all in one. I felt where Ace was coming from , but damn he went too far with his actions and choice of words. I never seen his ass that mad before , and judging by the O missed calls from him I'm guessing he still is. If he was gonna be this way then fine? I refused to be in my feelings over a nigga that clearly doesn't care. I'll always love Ace, but this argument really showed me a lot about him. Maybe this was for the best and if it was it sure hurt a lot. As much as I wanted to be the bigger person and reach out to him , I couldn't. I felt if anything he should call me because he was the one who blew up on me. Oh well my mind is made up and I will be going to New Orleans in a relationship or not.

I leave in a couple of days and before I left I wanted to link up with my girls Melody and Nia. I decided to finally pick myself up out the bed and take a shower. Wrapping my hair up I let The warm water hit my body making me feel so relaxed . I just closed my eyes and let my mind wonder. Once I was done washing my self clean I got out the shower and lotioned my body up with coco butter, I slipped on my bra and panties then my white crop top with high waisted blue jeans. I did my make up and decided to text our group chat to talk to my girls. I hope she wasn't mad at me because Ace was ,That'll just really make me feel even worse.

Me : Hey y'all 😘 y'all feel like grabbing a bite to eat I really need to talk to y'all 😩.

Nia 💋 : Hey boo , you know I'm down. Everything okay?

Me : Not really , but we'll talk later, Meet me in about 30 minutes at the wing spot off of 31st.

Nia 💋 : okay boo see you later.

Mel 👭💞 : you know I'm there . We gotta talk about a lot 😩 See you soon!!!

I took a deep breath and continued to get ready and just hoped my girls would  be understanding of everything. Mel is Ace's baby sister and I don't want our relationship to fade just because me and Ace aren't seeing eye to eye right now. I wish things would've went different between us so badly , but right now I gotta focus on me and what I want. I wouldn't have thought something like this would break us up at all though.


I planned to stay in bed all day today just because I didn't feel like being bothered with nobody , but when Alexis hit me up wanting to meet up I couldn't say no

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I planned to stay in bed all day today just because I didn't feel like being bothered with nobody , but when Alexis hit me up wanting to meet up I couldn't say no. I wanted to see what was up with her and Ace. I knew Ace wouldn't tell me anything like always so Alexis my best chance. Speaking of Ace his ass didn't even come back home last night, can y'all believe that? I called his phone at least 20 times last night with no answer. I knew he was mad but he could've at least answered the phone for me. What if it was an emergency or something?

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