Out In The Open

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After school on Wednesday, Sasuke comes over. He initiates it. I'm not sure why, but I won't complain. I kind of like having him around. Well, I guess that much is pretty fucking obvious.

Fortunately, my parents haven't brought up the fact that I'm sleeping with Sasuke. I want to bury that unfortunate memory, but the most embarrassing memories always have a habit of resurfacing at the worst of times.

When me and Sasuke stroll through the door, my mom greets us with a smile. "Hi, boys."

"Hi, Mom," I greet.

"Hi, Kushina," Sasuke murmurs and the two of us retreat to my room. My mom probably knows what's up, but she's going to pretend to be oblivious. That's probably for the best.

Once we're in my room, I lock the door and we begin tearing our clothes off. Once Sasuke is naked, he lies flat on his back on my mattress. Once I finish undressing, I roll on a condom and lube up before plowing in. I don't hesitate.

We try to be quiet since my mom is downstairs, but the bed springs are creaking. "Fucking hell," I mutter as we relocate onto the carpet.

Sasuke smiles slightly, lying on his back once more. I grab his legs and pull his body towards mine, positioning myself before pushing forward. I stare down at him, watching the look on his face as I jerk my hips back and forth.

"What?" he murmurs.

"Nothin'," I say.

A minute later, my god damn cellphone starts ringing. I let out a growl, growing impatient.

"It's okay," Sasuke says. "You can answer it."

"Okay," I mutter, pausing. I reach onto my nightstand and grab my phone, greeting, "Hello?"

"Hey, dude," comes Kiba's familiar voice.

"Oh, uh, what's up?" I ask.

"I'm bored," he says. "Can I come over?"

"Er, one sec," I tell him, pressing the phone to my chest. "Kiba wants to come over," I whisper to Sasuke.

He shrugs. "Tell him to come over in fifteen minutes or something."

I nod, bringing the phone back to my ear. "Yeah, sure. Come over in fifteen, yeah?"

"Okay, sounds good," Kiba says.

"Sasuke will also be here," I add.

"That's fine," Kiba says. "I'm going to stop and get coffee. Do you want anything?"

"Yeah, grab me one, too," I say. I look down at Sasuke, who looks like he's trying to suppress laughter. He has his lips pressed firmly together, as if the whole ordeal is humorous. He wiggles his hips and I try not to moan into the receiver.

"What does Sasuke like?" Kiba asks.

"Uh, you can get him green tea," I say, voice strained. "No sugar." I've learned that he likes to keep things plain.

"Okay, see you in a bit," he hangs up.

I let out a breath, closing my phone and setting it back on the nightstand. "Holy shit," I say. "It's like the world doesn't want us to be fucking right now."

Sasuke lets out a short laugh before lightly touching my stomach and urging me to continue. "Come on."

I pull out half way before pushing in again, moving in a steady rhythm. I reach forward and wrap my fingers around his cock. He closes his eyes, covering his mouth with his hand in an attempt to keep himself quiet.

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