I'm ordinary and a hot guy likes me? WTF!

It was May sixteenth nearly the end of sophmore year. Sixteen year old Rose Nylon was getting ready for another miserable day of high school. She chose a long sleeve brown shirt and dark baggy jeans. she walked into the hallway bathroom which was the only bathroom in the entire two story house. The master bedroom bathroom was used as an animal shelter.

She looked at herself in the mirror. She was a brunet, her hair wasn't easy to comb, it went a couple of inches past her shoulders. Her skin was light brown and she hated it. The majority of the school had light skin. Her eyes were regular brown nothing special about it. Her lips were chapped and dead. she was 5 feet and seven inches. She washed her face and brushed her teeth.

She went downstairs. She popped three waffles in the toaster. Her little brither came downstairs.

"Hey Rose," he said while yawning. "Hey Trevor how was your night?"

"Great. What's for breakfast?"


At that moment the waffles popped up. She grabbed two and set it on a white plate. She put it on the table were her brother had sat down. Just then her mother, Cora, walked in. Her mother had her brown hair in a bun. She was wearing a white nurse dress and white Keds. She was a nurse at Eisenhower medical clinic.

"Thanks for making him breakfast, Rose."

"No problem."

"I'm running late could you walk him to school?"


With that Cora kissed Rose on the cheek then went to kiss Trevor on top of his sandy-colored hair. "Thanks I love you both. Oh, and Rose I know it's a lot for you to handle. I want you to know how much i appreciate it. And I love you." Rose nodded. She knew her mother loved her. Of course, but she sometimes wished that her mom had more time for her. After her father walked out on them when she was six and Trevor was three, her mother had been struggling to support them. Rose's dad changed his name and ran off with a twenty-three year old. The court was still looking for him. Apparently he was married to three different women. This isn't a crime unless the marriages were all at the same time. Which they were.

When Rose turned around her mother was gone. She heard the beat up mini-van turn on. She looked out the dusty window just in time to see the old, run down, burgundy, van drive away. She walked Trevor to his school.

"Who's that?" He asked nodding in the direction of a nice, new, expensive, blue, convertible holding four blonde, skinny, rich, girls. Of course Rose was skinnier. But everyone knew them, what and who they did. So they just called those plastic, rich, selfish, blonde, girls the IT crowd.

"That's the IT crowd." She responded.

"Yeah, that says it ALL," her brother responded sarcastically. She smiled and gave him a friendly shove to the fence they were passing. "Hey," he said. He gave her a little shove. Apparently a little too hard. She was pushed into the street the same time a car was coming at full speed.

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