The start up

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It was the beginning of 7th grade. Everyone had hopes and dreams, but I wanted to be a basketball player. I knew that I would have a long time time
away before the season starts. So I joined the football team. Everything and everyone was great. Until one day
[Emiley POV]
I was hanging out with my friend Ashante until my friend Amanda came up to me and said
"Hey emiley, the coach wants you to be a football manager, do you think you're up to it?"
"Yeah, sure I think I can do it." I said trying to finish my conversation. I thought everything was going to go great. Then on one football Friday I saw him. Him the incredibly cute DJ just sitting there with the football players. I stared at him so much that I couldn't even eat my food.
[Amanda POV]
I had never thought about what might happen on that Friday. Everything happened so fast. She just sat there staring at him,and I was getting really worried "Hey Emiley, are you ok?" I said knowing she wasn't" Yeah I'm fine" she said making it look like I didn't know she was looking at him.
[Emiley POV]
That night I couldn't stop thinking about him. His muscly body and cut face made me horny. But I went to sleep anyway.
I went to and class and this kid named Leland had to come up behind me and say " MR. WHITE!!" I got really freaked out about that and It was kinda cute.
Going to lunch I was going to look at DJ's cute face again. But everything changed when I saw her.

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