Chapter 1

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Before I start, I'll introduce myself. My name is Jared and I have a wife and daughter, both named Sarah and Asmetia. I'm currently working as an painter. I've become one since I have experienced a variety of unique dreams that no other have. All of this started because of some kind of old lamp 2 years ago.

I was cleaning up the basement of my house, since we've rarely used the basement. We store all kinds of stuff we didn't use in there, but sometimes we barely notice old stuff there. Sometimes they're hidden on unusual parts of the basement, we even found an old cassette inside the walls. We didn't manage to play the old cassette, since it was broken, obviously. Anyways, I was picking up some stuff to reuse, until I found something. I thought it was some kind of a hanging decoration thing, turns out it was an old lamp. The lamp was unique, since the stand and the pole of the lamp are pipes made of copper with a light bulb hanging from the top op the pole. The creator of this lamp must've been creative since the lamp looks easily made. While I was cleaning the old lamp, I notice that the lamp doesn't have a cable, which is kinda weird. I was thinking "Why would a lamp have no electricity? How does the lamp even work?". I kept questioning about the lamp, until my wife called me to sleep.

I brought the lamp to our bedroom and placed it beside the coffee table. I turned off the lights and went to bed to sleep. I'll try my best explaining the dream. I "woke up" on a coach at my living room. I was looking at my surroundings, and as far as I know, the TV was playing statics. I tried turning off the TV with the remote, but it didn't turn off. I also tried unplugging the TV Cable, but it didn't work too. I was beginning to be scared, since I have never experienced something like this before. I guess I watched too many horror movies when I'm bored. The TV was still playing static noise, and it became louder. Since I can't handle the high frequency of the static noises, I ran outside of my house. It was pitch black like some kind of void. I notice a blue sphere between the quiet void, and it was getting bigger. The sphere was vibrating intensely the same time it gets bigger. I was getting annoyed by it for some reason, so I got back into the house, only to see the TV replaced by a lamp. It was the same lamp I found in the basement. I turned my head back outside, only to see the sphere getting much bigger. It was as big as a garbage truck. I was worried since I wasn't expecting the sphere to get bigger at that rate. I ran back as far as I can from the sphere. I hid under my bed, since its the farthest area from my front door. I could feel the sphere vibrating throughout my house, engulfing furniture and stuff like it was nothing. I was panicking and sweating at the same time. The room began to vibrate like an earthquake. The lamp suddenly appeared beside the coffee table when I look back beside the bed. The lamp was shining brightly with a dark blue color. As the sphere began engulfing me, I felt like my body was soaking wet.

I woke up like I was having nightmares. My wife and my daughter was looking at something with a worried face when I woke up. I asked them about why they look worried, and they told me to see it myself. When I looked at the what they are looking at, it was the old lamp. The old lamp was shining a dark blue color.

-To Be Continued-

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