Walking into the new Starbucks coffee shop near my house the first thing I did was ordering my hot chocolate and then finding a place to sit down at in between all those students and lovely couples feeding each other or just shamelessly making out in front of their obvious audience. I wouldn't get annoyed by them thought. Not today. Today was a good day for me. I could finally start my job as an assistant English teacher. Me being still young and attractive they put me in a higher form. To be exact into twelfth grade because of course they are much more mature than for example girls from seventh grade.
Around 10 minutes later I was finished with my hot chocolate and an extra cookie I recieved because of my membership. I watched the snow slowly falling onto the ground joining the small snow blanket on the concrete.
I decided to make my way outdoor since it was getting late anyway. Still had to do a few preparations for tomorrow.
A small breeze hit me with the first step I made on the pavement. Winter. I hate the cold, I like the way snow looks like thought. 
Suddenly my phone begun to ring. I took out my iPhone and saw my new boss calling.
"Hello Mr. Johnson!", I greeted him with a smile on my face.
"Mr. Malik, hello! I was calling because of your new job starting tomorrow!", he answered. He had this ‘old men voice', you know the one when your voice is all raspy and all.
"Alright, is there any problem? Anything I should take care off?", I asked.
He laughed a bit. Mr Johnson was a good man.
A bit bossy but always nice and respectful.
"Don't worry son! I just wanted to tell you to come over later today! Mrs Devon volunteered herself to give you a small tour around the school so tomorrow wont be to hard for you. You'd like that?"
Mrs Devon? A tour around the school? I didn't see anything speaking against it.
"Alright, thank you! I'll turn up later! When will named Mrs Devon turn up?"
"She will be there in around an hour or two. Meet her at the front door.", Mr Johnson answered.
I thanked him before hanging up and making my quickest way home to shower and dress to impress.
Don't get me wrong, it's not to impress named Mrs Devon. She could also be an old grumpy granny.
I just wanted to make a good impression on my new staff. After all it was my first official job.
At around 16 o'clock I was waiting for Mrs Devon at the front door. She must be here any second...
There she is.
"Hi, you must be Mr Malik, the new teacher? My name is Mrs Devon, but I'd be more comfortable if you'd call me Nicole."
Nicole Devon, owner of bum long straight light-blond hair, deep-blue shining eyes rimmed with black eyeliner and the greatest body a woman could ask for.
Concentrate Mr Malik, concentrate.
"Glad to meet you... Nicole. Yes, I'm Mr Malik the new teacher, my first name is Zayn, thought. Call me whatever you feel comfortable with I guess."
She giggled a bit. "Well then let's start the tour, Mr Malik."
I literally heard a cheeky smirk in her voice but decided to ignore it and follow her indoor.

"So that was it" She turned on her heel to be face to face with me. "Thanks for the tour, Nicole, I really appreciate it." She smiled at me with cherry red lips. "Anytime, it's no big deal" I smiled and nodded at her. "Well I better get going, tomorrow will be my first day. I wish you a nice day Nicole. See you tomorrow!"
"Good luck tomorrow, Mr Malik, I will be there!"

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