Chapter 10

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My legs soon felt like lead as I lead Destrey down the hall. My heart was beating a mile a minute. Was it going to hurt? It wasn't my first time but it was my first real time. My first real time with someone I loved, someone who loved me. I remembered Hannah telling me that her second time hurt and that accrued 2 weeks after losing her virginity; it had been 3 years for me. Shit.

"He'll be easy with me." I told myself as I opened his bedroom door. Destrey closed the door behind me. I soon felt his arms wrap around my waist from behind as he began kissing my cheek and slowly moved his kiss down to my neck. I felt his hands move down to the hem of my shirt. The self conscience part of me was NOT okay with this. "When you're with someone you feel comfortable with, someone who doesn't care, all your insecurities melt away." Hannah's words, the words she spoke to me when we were 15, ran through my head.

Before I knew it, my shirt was being lifted over my head and tossed to the floor. I turned around to face Destrey, I starting kissing him as I guided my hands to the bottom hem of his shirt and peeled it off of his body. Destrey wrapped his arms around me as he kissed me, I could feel him unhooking my bra. My bra joined my shirt on the floor.

My hands found the button of Destrey's jean. I unbuttoned his them and slowly slid them down his legs. Destrey then led me to his bed. He turned down the covers and told me to lay down. I quickly made my way over to the bed and laid down. I could hear Destrey slip his boxers off and soon felt him get on the bed. "Bend your knees." Destrey said in a low voice, I did what he said. I felt his fingers start to undo my pants. "Lift your hips." He said to me. I once again did what I was told and I felt him taking off my pants as well as my underwear.

"Are you ready?" He asked me.

"Yeah." I said in a weak whisper.

"Okay." He said. He reached over to his side table and opened the drawer and pulled out a condom. While he was opening it I starting thinking about everything I've ever been told, read, or seen that related to sex. My thoughts were soon interrupted by Destery. "Are you sure you're ready."

"Mhm." I said in a low hum. I felt Destrey slip into me. "Ah!" I hissed in a low whisper. This hurt.

"Are you okay!?" Destrey asked in a concerned voice.

"I'm okay. It just feels weird." I answered. He chuckled. He slowly began to pump, going in and out slowly.

"Does it feel good?" He asked me.

"Uh huh!" I moaned. He starting going faster and deeper. Small moans escaped my lips. I felt Deatrey's lips against mine, "Harder!" I moaned. And he did. Moans escaped both mine and Destrey's lips.

With every pump a shock wave was sent through my body. This was amazing! I could feel my love for Destrey growing, this was the right choice. Almost an hour later we both reached our climax. Destrey fell to the space beside me. "I love you Kaitlin." Destrey said to me.

"I love you too Destrey."

* Hope you liked it! I had my friend do it for me. She's experienced in this sorta situation. So I hope you guys don't think I'm a giant pervert! But thanks so much for reading!*

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