Chapter 31: The Interviews of Victors

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We all walk on stage hand in hand. And sit down. Cato sits next to me on the right. On my left are Katniss and Peeta. His hand travels to my thigh and my breath catches, briefly.

"Welcome we're going to start off by talking about your experiences in the arena." Ceasar says as a teleprojector lifts from the stage. "Okay let's start".

They show footage of the Parade all the way to our victory. I almost cried when Rue died, almost. I had to squeeze Cato's hand through most of it.

"So can you explain your emotions at the launch" Ceasar announces more than asking.

"Well, I was nervous and I was telling Katniss not to go to the Cornucopia" Peeta states already turning on the charm.

"Me and Cato have been preparing for this since we've been 6 years old so I think we were exited. We were also sad because we knew we might have to kill each other." I say a bit teary eyed. I look into Cato's icy blue eyes and calm down.

"Yeah I couldn't ever hurt her. Especially not since we're engaged" Cato states out of the blue. the audience awws and some gasp.

"Oh. Did you here that folks? They're engaged. Well congratulations. May I see the ring?" Ceasar asks.

"Yes" I say handing him, well, my hand.

"Can we get a close up please?" He asks and a camera zooms in on my hand. The crowd lets out a big aww and applauds.

"Well if I may" Peeta asks and kneels on one knee. "Will you Katniss Delyah Everdeen, marry me?"

"Deja vu" I whisper to Cato.

"Yes of course Peeta. I love you bread-boy." she exclaims and he slides the ring on her finger. They kiss and Ceasar starts to talk again.

"Well folks that's how you do it in the Capitol. On live tv." Ceasar proclaims. "Okay back to the Games since we have a time limit"

He pauses and looks at Katniss. "We watched as your ally, Rue, died. What was going through your mind at that time?" Ceasar asks with a now very concerned voice.

"Well, I miss her a lot. She reminded me of my sister Prim back at home. And even though she was small she did have a chance of winning. She was sly and sneaky; sweet and very intelligent. I just wish I could have saved her." She says very sadly.

"I'm sorry. For everything. But she's in a better place now" He says trying to console her. 

"And you two" Ceasar says directing his attention to us "What did you like most about the games?"

'What kind of Question? Well you gotta lie now Clove' I think.

"Well, my favorite part was being alone with Cato. those night with no distractions. Yes, I liked Glimmer and Marvel but it was nice to be with Cato. Alone. For once." I respond looking into Cato's eyes.

"And you Cato? Favorite part?" he says turning his attention directly to Cato.

"Well anytime I got to see Clove of course!" He says jokingly.

"Now that the Games are over what are you going to do until the Victor's tour?" Ceasar asks.

"Me and Katniss are going to settle down and just relax' Peeta says calmly.

"All I know is that me and Cato are going to help out the other districts with charity work. I love helping anyone." I say. That's mostly  lie, but it might help us later, maybe?

"Give it for Clove Sevina. Is it Sevina or Hadley?" Ceasar asks quickly.

"I think I might keep it Sevina for know. We're not getting married just yet" I say looking at the audience.

"Give it up for Clove Sevina -for now-, Cato Hadley from district 2 and Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark form district 12. The Victors of the 74th annual Hunger Games" Ceasar announces and we raise our hands together.

We walk off stage and me and Cato head to our rooms. I get into my pjs and enter his room.

"Hey Cato" I say hopping into his bed. He is only wearing shorts and and hops in with me. I lay on his chest and we fall asleep pretty quickly.

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