A Bit Of A Clash Part 39

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17th December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

At least Reid was considerate enough to allow me the one cup of coffee to start my morning off with. Even if I was nearly thirty minutes late arriving at the center that morning.

Sandra just gave me a smirk when Reid pushed the door open for me to push my walker through.

I had to resort to using it this morning when my legs didn't want to cooperate with me after all the 'exercise' I got both last night and this morning. It also didn't help that he was wearing this very satisfied looking grin on his face either.

I reckon that anyone who saw us together would know that something went on with us last night and the cheeky man was proud of it too with the way he was puffing out his chest when I was nearby.

I can see a bit of clashing coming along if he doesn't pull his head in.. and he will be sleeping on the couch in the near foreseeable future for a few nights.

I've gotten to see that he is very sincere with his actions lately and that he is very convinced that he is going to marry me 'by hook or by crook', whatever that means and he acts very possesive when he is around me.

So I reckon I can give him a bit of slack and accept his proposal once he gets around to making one to me. he will just have to realise first that there wasn't any chance of me moving back here to Emmett. My home is and has been my haven that I am not only attached to emotionally, but also physically.

The gardens have been my therapy when I find that my situation gets the better of me. I need it.

Although I have to say that I haven't done any fishing either since this happened to me. So maybe Reid and I can spend some time trying to do that before he takes us home.

But at the moment, I'm sort of walking myself into the center passing Sandra with a nod as I walked down the corridor on my way to where I was meeting up with Cole.

" Hey you. I was told you would be here this morning." An older voice was saying with an accent I had become to familiar with over the past few years.

" Joy. How lovely to see you. What brings you across the planet?" I asked her with a smile as I straightened myself up to raise my arms with a wince to give the older woman a tight hug. One she returned as well.

Smiling at her as we pulled away from each other, I saw that she had some exciting news to give me. It was usually about her family.

" Micah became a grandfather to a beautiful little girl last week. Daniel is still up there with them and I thought to drop in on you while I'm over here. I stopped in and the Todd's said that sandra had rang the house about a patient. So here I am." She said as she held onto my arms pulling me back in for another hug.

" Then I am very glad you are here. Would you like to come with me to see a bit of a difficult patient I came down to see?" I asked her as I smiled to her, stepping back and reaching for the walker that Reid conveniently nudged towards me.

" And who is this strapping lad that looks very territorial over you?" Joy asked me with a smile as she looked Reid over with a speculative look.

" Sorry. How remiss of me. This is Reid Nolan, my fiance." I said to her watching both Reid's face go a slight pinkish with surprise at how I introduced them to each other and with Joy's look of surprise.

" So.. You are the one." She murmured as she held her hand out to Reid very slowly while I tried not to laugh at the look on both of their faces.

" I imagine that it was, Mam." Reid went on to say to her with a smile as he gently shook the hand of the older woman standing in front of him.

" Reid, this is my friend Dr Joy Thoms. She lives in Australia, but has family over here." I went on to say to him feeling proud of these two important people meeting each other.

Important to me I mean.

" Nice to meet you Dr Thoms." He said with a curious tone to his voice as he looked at her.

I noticed as we continued to walk down the corridor that Reid was still looking at Joy with a puzzled look on his face. I think I will have to ask him about that later. At the moment, I want to concentrate on Cole Payne.

" So tell me about this patient we are visiting this morning." Joy suddenly asked me, breaking into my thoughts.

" Oh.. twenty six year old male. He had an accident at work. Was not his fault. Caused extensive damage to spine and head. Some idiot in the medical field told him that he would 'never walk again or even had sex.' Not very proffesionally told to him though. Just bluntly blurted it out before going off to lunch." I said in this squeaky doctors voice as I quoted what some stupid doctor said.

" Really. That must have really pissed him off somewhat." She said to me with a frown on her face.

A few moments later, we were standing in front of the room where I was meeting Cole.

" He's in here." I said to her as I looked back at Reid to speak to him.

" Go and have a coffee or two. I mean it, reid." I said to him with a bit of a growl.

I don't want him waiting here in the corridor like he had been yesterday. And to make sure he did it, I watched him with a glare as he was quick to lean down and kiss me before smiling and he stepped back and turned to walk back down the hall the way we came giving me a good damn look at his backside.

" I know your watching me." He called out to me the rat. He knows that i like the sway of his walk.

" He is an impressive specimen, isn't he?" Joy said to me as she too watched as Reid walked away from us and out of sight.

" Yep. Yep. Yep." I murmured before turning my attention back to the door in front of me.

I opened the door wide, leaving my walker just outside the door for me to grab if I need it.

" Hello. How are we today? I have a friend with me that I want you to meet, so no rude crude or lewd remarks or else." I called out to Cole the moment I walked into the room.

" Shit, damn it Sarah. You startled me." He said as he dropped the papers he was holding. It looked like his medical file which I left with him.

Hearing a gasp from behind me, I looked to see Joy staring at Cole with a piercing gaze and an angry frown.

" Cole Payne. Is this why you have not been talking to your mother. If it is, so help me, I will slap you stupid boy. Then you won't have anything to worry about with your brian being addled." Joy snapped out to a stunned Cole as I looked on with a frown.

" Granny Joy. What.." Cole spluttered out as he looked at the older woman in shock.

" Don't you granny me, Cole Payne. I'm going to smack you and smack you good." She went on to growl at him as she advanced closer to him to stand over him with her hands on her hips as she stared down at him.

' Granny?" Was Joy his grandmother? This was a surprise bit of a clash, now isn't it?

"How could you put your family through this without telling them anything. Your mum is worried sick young man. What do you have to say for yourself? Hmm?" Joy stood there like that tapping her foot.

It actually reminded me of when she did it with me a few times. I am so glad that I wasn't the only one who copped that from her either. She can be downright scary at times.

" Is there something I should know with you two?" I asked them both with a curious look.

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