The big bad wolf has a sweet side a Derek/Stiles boyxboy love story

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Hey guys so I'm pretty sure this is my first fan fic book. I hope you like it. In case you didn't know this is a boyxboy teen fic of Derek and Stiles from Teen wolf. I'm going to try this and if I don't get very many reads I don't think I'll continue it.

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Love Amanda


" DEREK!" I yelled walking up the stairs of his half in ruins house. " Derek I know your in there and can here me now come out here."

Out of know where the door opened and standing there in all his glory was Derek. Damn he was so hot. I shook those thoughts from my mind no one knew I was gay and I was going to keep it that way.

" What do you want Stiles?" Derek asked looking frustrated while leaning against the door frame.

" What did you do to Scott?" I asked a little out of breath from running all the way here.

" What do you mean I havn't seen Scott in a couple days."

" Well then why is he in the hospital?"

" How should I know. I just said that I hav't seen him in a couple days."

" So what your saying is that you had nothing to do with him being hospitalized?"

" O fcourse not. Why would I hurt him?" He asked like I was stupid.

" I don't know because he didn't bow down at your alpha commands."

"Thats just stupid I wouldn't hurt him for something like that."

" Then what happened to him?" I asked.

" I don't know but I will come to the hospital with you to find out."

" I've already tried that they want let anyone see him." I said starting to get really worried for my bestfriend. I  mean sure lately he has been an huge ass but I don't blame him for leaving me for Allison. I just feel kind of lonely but I still care for him like he was my on brother.

" Cal down Stiles I've got a way with people where I usually get my way. Follow me. Wait where is your Jeep?"

" Umm."

" Don't tell e you ran all the way here?"

" Umm I might of."

" In this heat you could of passed out from a heat stroke. Come with me." He said leading me into house and completely ignoring my protests.

" But what about Scott." He led meup the stairs to what I'm guessing was my bedroom.

He threw a shirt at me and told me to change. I looked down to find mine soaked with sweat.

" Actually" he said right when I was taking my shirt off. " Why don't you take a shower before we go. I don't think you want to go into the hospital with your hair drenched with sweat.

" I don't have a enough time for that." I said/yelled to him.

" Scott's not going to die after a couple minutes. If it helps I'll speed the whole way their."