Gentle Giant - Rane Quinn

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It was four in the morning by the time Rane Quinn made his way back into Charming with his brothers. He gave a quick nod to Happy before breaking away from the group and saluting Jax as he passed his President and headed home. He was eager to get home to his old lady and unwind from the latest run.

Y/N Quinn.

His best friend, his wife, his old lady. The list went on and on. Everyone in the club knew where Rane was heading. Not to the clubhouse with the rest of the bikers to have a few beers or to have a quick stress relief fuck with a crow eater. Rane Quinn was going home to his wife. The center of his universe.

Turning up the familiar paved road he smiled hearing the neighborhood dogs start to bark as his harley roared down the quiet street. Pulling up to the house he smirked seeing you standing on the front porch dressed in one of his Samcro T-shirts and old yoga pants. You obviously heard him coming and was eager to meet him outside.

Quickly shutting his bike off Rane gathered his bags and dismounted by the time you walked down the little walk way on the side of the garden. 



You sighed happily as he quickly dropped his bags and lifted you easily into his large arms. Wrapping your arms around his neck you smiled as you felt his scruffy face nuzzle into your neck as he planted delicate kisses up to your lips. 

"I missed you so much." He whispered softly as you pulled his beanie off and ran your hands through his long brown hair. Smiling up at him you slowly kissed him deeply as he set you back down on the ground. 

"I missed you too, my love."

Reaching down you tucked his beanie into his saddle bag before collecting his bags and making your way back to the porch as Rane followed behind you. As the two of you reached the front door you smiled as you heard the familiar rush of little steps before Rane was attacked by your two year old son. 

"Did you miss me buddy?" Rane grunted bending down to say hello to your golden lab Rocky as the dog barked and whined as he circled your husband tail wagging. 

Smiling you leaned against the wall in the living room watching your old man play with the dog before standing up and unloading his pockets and cut onto the entry way table. Guns, knives, and other various weapons were deposited onto the old wood table in a big bowl before he hung his cut up on the coat rack and sauntered over to you. 

Rane Quinn, your gentle giant.

You first met Rane when you stopped by Teller-Morrow for an engine tune up. While filling out papers with Gemma, Rane walked in and literally fell to his knees tripping over a box of spare tools. After the initial shock of seeing the large man fall to his knees in front of you and Gemma's smart mouth you both had gotten over the embarrassment and exchanged numbers under the disguise of him notifying you when to come back for your car. 

As the week went on with sweet texts and long night calls the two of you had grown quite close by the time your engine was fixed. From him stopping by the local jewelry store you owned with flowers or quiet lunches in the office at the garage where he stole his first kiss. It wasn't a surprise that within the two weeks it took to fix your car the two of you were happily dating and on the way to love and marriage by the end of the year. 

At first everyone was hesitant to let you into their little world seeing that you were an outsider to them but with a quick speech from Gemma and a few threats from Rane and then his close friend Happy you were quickly welcomed to their twisted little family. 

It wasn't always easy to be Rane's wife and old lady. Between fighting off crow eaters to the lockdowns and threats of Samcro's somewhat never ending enemies it made life quite hectic but the two of you never gave up. Now three years later the two of you were still both happily married and trying for your first child seeing that things with the club and their illegal actives have finally settled down. 

Feeling your husbands rough hands gently run up your sides before he gently cupped your face you smiled letting your eyes close as he bent down to kiss you. Despite his large frame and enormous muscles Rane was a gentle man that rarely showed violence unless provoked or fighting with his brothers. He never let his temper slip or raised a hand to you when the two of you fought. Rane Quinn would rather die a slow painful death before he laid a hand on you in anger or let you witness how dark and cruel he could become for his club. 

"I love you so much Y/N." Rane murmured as he bent down quickly and lifted you up into his arms again before walking the two of you to your bedroom. 

"I love you too Rane."

Sitting down on the bed you giggled as you straddled his lap and hid your face in his shoulder as he tickled your neck with his bread and mustache. This man never failed to make you laugh and feel like the most treasured woman in the world. You would do anything for Rane Quinn and he knew it but never asked for anything more than to love him till the end. 

Gently brushing your hair out of your face Rane's warm chocolate eyes roamed over your face before he gazed deeply into y/e/c ones. You shivered feeling the cold metal of his rings against your face as he stroked his large thumbs against your cheeks. 

"You are so beautiful." He smiled dreamily before pulling into a passionate kiss. You settled into his hold smiling glad that your husband was home. Your gentle giant.


Until next time. 

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